Special Thanks To…

Special thanks to the following Treeathlon Event Committee members for all of their volunteer work in getting the Treeathlon organized:

Ann Phipps – volunteer coordinator
Ashley Cannatti – marketing, communication, and publicity
Frederika Tausch – pinch hitter and go-getter extraordinaire
Gary Beyer – finish line party
John Marler – sponsorship and fund raising
Mike Cannatti – race director
Sara Marler – sponsorship and fund raising
Tom Rafferty – finish line party, food, music, etc.

City Staff has also been very helpful with approving the Treeathlon plan, including Sara Hensley, Jason Maurer, Tom Nelson, Sonia Freeman, Jodi Jay, Ray Nevarez, and Farhad Madani.

We’ve also received tons of organizational help from Dan Carroll with High Five Events (http://www.highfiveevents.com/) which we appreciate beyond words. Michelle Graham with Bounce Events has also been very helpful with guidance in our promotional efforts.

Also, special thanks to Jon “Papa” Grant for his wonderful work in preparing the Treeathlon logo showing the salamanders in their action triathlete poses. Way cute!

We also appreciate Will van Overbeek for permitting us to use the “Diver” photo in our publicity materials. This is the classic Barton Springs Pool image.

Thanks so much!