January President’s Report

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Big Year Ahead: Our ambitious schedule for the short-term projects
by Robin Cravey, FBSP President

We have a big year ahead of us at Barton Springs Pool.  I’ve been working with the Board and the Coordinating Committee on a plan to get all the short-term projects finally completed or at least under contract by the end of the year.  I think we can accomplish it.

Robin Cravey, FBSP President

Robin Cravey, FBSP President

The next big project to enter the public process chute will be the general grounds improvements.  That will kick off this month or next, and we hope to see it under way by the end of the year.  It includes utility upgrades, installation of an accessible trail on the south side, and new lighting.  Related to that is moving the main entrance back to the central rotunda.

Last year, progress on the projects bogged down in a repetitive public input process.  But in the fall, Project Manager Tony Arnold outlined the city’s contracting process, and then Tom Nelson, Aquatics Manager, outlined an orderly public input process.  Board members Gary Beyer, Tom Weber, and I discussed the process and ways it could be improved.  Tom drafted comments, and I drew up a spreadsheet mapping out how to move each of the projects through the process.  We’re now discussing the process with city staffers, and I hope to have a schedule soon.

Also last year, we seemed to be constantly scrambling to turn out folks to go to one meeting or another to advocate for the projects.  But at the January meeting of the Board, at the meeting of the Advocacy Committee, and at the Coordinating Committee, Tom Weber and I asked members to choose specific projects  they will lead on.  So now, each project will be followed through the process by one or more members with focused attention.

Some projects won’t require much process.  I doubt we will need much public input on how to conduct a test of the structural strength of the dams.  Most of the scientific studies, in fact, should be pretty smooth.

Some projects are pretty far along in the process.  Repair of the roof is ready to go into construction this spring.  By the way, ladies, your use of the dressing room may be restricted while the roofers are working above it.

Short-term projects are underway

Short-term projects are underway

Other projects that are already far along include the gravel bar removal and the bypass tunnel repair.  Council this month approved the ordinance to allow a crane to remove the gravel bar, and there will be one more round of commission meetings before the project goes out for bid.  The bypass tunnel repair has gone through numerous meetings and critiques, and is nearing a final design.

The good news is that both projects are scheduled to be done this fall, starting in October.  The bad news is that the pool will be closed for some extended periods while the work is going on.  And the bypass tunnel repair could easily last until next May.  We’re working with the staff to have parts of the pool open on a limited basis during the construction.

Quick Dips

  • Service Chairman Jonathan Beall and I met with PARD staffers Wayne Simmons, Pedro Patlan, and Tom Nelson to begin mapping out the volunteer cleaning sessions for the year.  The annual spring cleaning closure will only be two weeks!
  • Communications chairwoman Chasity Larios and I got together to look at improvements to the website.  She has some dynamite features in store for us.
  • Secretary Mary Yarrington and I got together to go over the FBSP files and work on our archiving system.  She’s organizing our institutional memory.

Help wanted
We need a videographer to help us record a short training video for volunteers.


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