Private Pool Party at Barton Springs — AND YOU’RE INVITED!!!!

PushBroomCleaningYou’re invited to a Private Pool Party at Barton Springs Pool this coming Thursday, August 6 from 10-2!  Normally, the pool is closed to the public at this time, but we’ve arranged a special event for all our friends to join us for our “Clean The Pool” theme party.

Sign up for a shift by clicking this link ( to our VolunteerSpot signup page, and then join us at the Gala Scrubbing Event where you help Clean the Springs while the great, unwashed masses look forlornly from outside the fence, wishing they could be one of the Cool Kids invited inside to help with the pool cleaning.

Party favors include privileged access to Barton Springs, enjoyment of the cool spring waters during pushbroom cleaning of the pool bottom, a nice mid-day tan, and a sense of accomplishment in doing something nice for Barton Springs.  Plus plenty of pizza for our registered volunteers.

Hope to see you on Thursday!!!!


DSCN1079DSCN1076Cleaning pic for Picnic invite 2012