July’s Draw-down Pool Cleaning

8 Aug 2012 by admin, Comments Off on July’s Draw-down Pool Cleaning

Service Chair Thomas Schiefer strolls poolside during the cleaning.

Cleaners far and wide, let me be the first to thank all of you who came out to July’s cleaning. It was a special day for all, as we did one of four draw-downs per year of the springs. This is when the city staff opens up the flood gates and lets the pool drain for most of the day. This process reveals numerous beaches and rocks that we all love to clean up and wade through. A big portion of the day was spent in waist deep silt pulling weeds.

Pool managers told us that we got more done in one day than usually gets done in a couple of months. So thank you Benchmark, Tucker Construction and all you other volunteers that came out and got muddy pulling weeds, sweeping rocks, scrubbing railings and getting extreme sunburns! I have heard from numerous sources that the pool looks wonderful after the draw-down, so give yourselves a big pat on the back and smile knowing that your hard work paid off.

Volunteers get dirty in the pool.

See you all next month, September 6th, for the chance to do it all over again. Draw-down not included.
Thomas Schiefer
FBSP Service Chair

FBSP Vice President Jonathan Beall cleans with the help of young Finneas.

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