Beat the Heat, Join FBSP in Cleaning the Pool!

28 Jun 2012 by admin, Comments Off on Beat the Heat, Join FBSP in Cleaning the Pool!

Come one come all to this season’s Friends of Barton Springs Pool cleanings! The first Thursday of each month we clean the pool and the surrounding area to help keep it a nice place to be for both humans and salamanders. The cleanings so far have been absolutely wonderful. We have had numerous groups come out, like Sweet Leaf Tea, the UT Hydrology Department and Americorps to name a few. These groups have been bringing such positive energy to the cleanings and really accomplishing tasks that can only be done with a group of twenty plus. So thank you to all the organizations that have been supporting our efforts here at Friends of Barton Springs Pool.

Of course we cannot forget our constants. Each cleaning has brought out the regulars and their dedicated cleanings abilities. Some sweep, some scrub, some plant but one thing is for certain…they all show up each month and do their part to help Barton Springs stay such a special place to enjoy. So come on out and join the crew. We have been having massive cleanings with upwards of 70 people per cleaning. If you feel like getting wet, meeting some folks and cleaning the pool than come join us at our next cleaning on July 5th. Email Service Director Thomas Schiefer at

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