Council Cleans the Pool Day 2011

Council Cleans the Pool Day 2011 was a huge success thanks to all of our volunteers, the E corp from American Youthworks, our sponsors, city staff and city councilmembers!  We had over 90 volunteers sign in for a total of over 300 hours of pool cleaning bliss.  Many, many volunteers stayed for 4, 6 and even 8 hour shifts!  Fully motivated with lots of coffee and breakfast tacos, it was definitely the most successful morning we have every seen on the Zen-pushbrooming conga line.  We swept through six full passes before noon and the pool shallow end was so clean, I was worried we might not have anything left for all the afternoon volunteers to do!  Few from the morning crew wanted to return to their real jobs as they were so impressed with the immediate sparkling impact they could see from the work they had already done in the morning.

Alas, a slight breeze picked up around lunchtime, breaking away masses of algae from other areas of the pool and threatened to spoil the fruits of our morning’s labours.  And then the afternoon algae calvary arrived, fueled by pizza, lots and lots of pizza.  The algae, of course, didn’t stand a chance.

Councilmembers Morrison and Tovo and Mayor Pro Tem Cole get ready to scrub.

All those hours of nonstop hours of calorie burning bliss were fueled most generously by lots of local businesses, Texas Coffee Traders, Torchy’s Tacos, Sweet Leaf Teas, Maudies Tex-Mex, Alamo Drafthouse, Clif Bar.  It wasn’t enough for the folks at Torchy’s tacos to fill everyone up with their delicious breakfast tacos, they had a full crew down in the pool seeing just what exactly makes everyone so hungry who comes to volunteer.

Councilmembers, citizens, local businesses, everyone comes together at the springs.  It’s truly an amazing experience to see so many people at one time showing how much they care about the quality of our pool and all that makes it wonderful.  Thanks to everyone!