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15 May 2011 by admin, Comments Off on President’s Report

Volunteers on the Earth Day broom line

April was a frantic month for FBSP.  It’s the month of Earth Week and the Treeathlon.  And our regular activities didn’t stop.

Everyone who’s my age (okay, no comments from the peanut gallery) remembers the first Earth Day in 1970.  It was the first spring after astronauts stood on the moon and looked up at our home planet.  That was the spring that I got active in the environmental movement.  A lot of things started that day.  Things are still starting on that day.

Last year Hill Country Conservancy started a whole week of events called Earth Week.  They offered FBSP the honor of participating, and we have done it with enthusiasm.  This year, Tom Weber and I recruited businesses (Alamo Draft House, Zax Pints & Plates, Red’s Porch, and Strange Brew Coffee) to donate funds on the Give 5 for Mother Earth.  Jonathan Beall organized and led a special Earth Day Springs Cleaning Party.  Emma Cravey got the message out.

Councilmember Laura Morrison kicks off the Treeathlon

On top of that, Mike Cannatti (and his estimable wife Ann Phipps) threw a heck of an event with the second annual FBSP Treeathlon.  This fun family romp raised about $15,000 for the pool, meeting our goal to double the amount raised last year.  The work that goes into this event is huge, and just about every member of the board (and many other members) lent a hand.

On top of this, Emily Little and I had meetings with staff to talk about our Return to the Rotunda project, and other ongoing projects.  Tom is keeping tabs on the gravel bar followup.  Gary Beyer is tracking the bypass tunnel.  Maria Weber completed our application to the IRS.  Jennifer Malone continued her chronicles.

Now we’re looking forward to the Picnic by the Pool on June 25th, which Jesse Malone is organizing.  And then there’s more after that!

Quick Dips

Jonathan, Kevin French, and our members and volunteers have poured the elbow grease into the pool this spring, fortified by the comestibles organized by Mary Yarrington.  Starting with the cleaning parties during the spring closing, FBSP has been cleaning the pool about twice a month this spring!

Jonathan also recruited and coordinated a huge force of kids from the Texas School for the Deaf to work with Charlie McCabe of Austin Parks Foundation to mulch trees outside the south fence.

April is even more frantic for me, since it’s also the month of the Austin International Poetry Festival. As most of you know, I’m a poet, and April is poetry month, so I had a whole nother level activity going with the poetry festival, performing at readings and presenting workshops.

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