Mark Your Calendar for Spring Cleaning, Sat. Feb. 26

It’s been only two weeks, but how we miss the springs, barred as we are like infidels from Mecca while God and government grant only a privileged few access for some arcane (well, perhaps only overdue) purification ritual.  Despair not, for like manna from heaven, we bring to you your first opportunity to rejoin these sacred waters while those with wistful eyes and envious bathing suits pine from beyond the fence, too timid to serve their love for this baptismal bathwater with pushbrooms or paint brushes, or rakes, or clippers, or even your bare naked hands!  Glory be, salvation and a seat poolside at Heaven’s best swimming hole shall be set aside for you for all eternity for answering the call to service, Hallelujah!

Did we mention this will be a Saturday Event?!  Yes!  Saturday, February 26th.  You may perhaps even receive a special dispensation from the Holy Let’s Wait and See to forego church on Sunday if you attend.

2 hour shifts beginning at 10 am and continuing until 6 pm.  Coffee, Snacks, Warm Lunch, and Refreshments provided.

You can now sign up for redemption on

Please indicate what shift you would like to attend so we may fairly divide the divine duties.

With fervent love for the Springs bordering on religious zealotry,

Jonathan Beall
Service Chair, FBSP