Southgate access in the evening is closed.

24 Mar 2009 by admin, Comments Off on Southgate access in the evening is closed.

The southgate access has been closed for the evenings due to citizens not obeying the rules during that time. It will be accessable during the morning free swim times and a notice of the exact hours for accessability will be posted at the southgate.

If you remember in earlier discussions folks were bringing in coolers, dogs and engaging in other activities that are against the rules within the pool grounds. We sent out announcements requesting that folks should be more responsible. We requested that the park police increase there patrols in that area. Unfortunately that did not work.

NOTE: This is a safety issue for all users of the pool that are obeying the rules because a staff member is taken away to deal with violators on the south side which increases the risk of managing the rest of the pool.

We will continue to work towards finding a solution that will hopefully one day allow access to the southgate in the evenings in the future but until then it is what it is…:(

Steve Barnick
FBSP President

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