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20 May

Friends of Barton Springs Pool Mobilizes Support for the Trees

Read the actual press release here. The Friends of Barton Springs Pool (FBSP), a local group that organizes volunteers to [&hellip

5 May

An independent tree assessment at BSP

A big thanks to SOS Alliance for hiring Don Gardner to do an independent assessment of the trees at Barton [&hellip

26 Apr

2009 Board Members

On Saturday, April 26th, the new Board Members were announced at our annual membership meeting. They are as follows: Robin [&hellip

11 Apr

Call for Board Members

This is a call for board members to be elected at the April membership meeting on Saturday, April 25th (you [&hellip

16 Mar

Thank you volunteers!

Greetings Volunteers!!! Thanks for two great weekends of successful cleanings! I’m sure everyone’s excited that the pool is open again [&hellip

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