2017 Spring Cleaning — Mark Your Calendar for Saturday, March 4

What say we schedule a little SPRING CLEANING?  Friends of Barton Springs Pool’s “Spring Cleaning” will be on Saturday, March 4, 2017, allowing volunteers to give back to Barton Springs Pool by helping spiff up the pool before the pool reopens.  So if you’re weary of winter and seeking spring solace in the cool and clear waters of our beloved Barton Springs, come help the Springs with some lovin, scrubbin, weedin’, mulchin’, aeratin’, whackin’, brushin’, gardenin’, and just getting down in the groovy cleaning vibe of the SPRING CLEAN to help clean up the pool before the swim season reopens!!!!!

Volunteers can choose from 4 two hour shifts, starting at 9am.  Please sign up for a shift at the SignUp link (http://signup.com/go/a4w8tV) to help spiff up the pool before the pool reopens.  We’ll have some yummy grub and refreshments, including delicioso tacos from our friends and supporters at Tacodeli!

Volunteer pool cleaning activities include push-brooming algae from the pool bottom, spreading mulch, landscaping and weeding work in the grounds, cleaning stair and sidewall rails, trimming and/or composting weeds and plants from the pool, painting bathroom facilities, planting around the pool grounds, repairing pool and grounds equipment, and generally lending a hand to make the pool and grounds as clean and beautiful as possible. There are lots of projects both in and out of the water, so please dress appropriately. This means long sleeves, pants and shirt, closed toed shoes and socks for grounds work. Wet clothes for working in the pool. Don’t forget your towel and sun protection! We like to think that we make the springs a better place for swimmers and the natural habitat that live there year round. So come on out and join us for the Friends of Barton Springs Pool spring cleaning extravaganza!!!

We are truly grateful for all the support from Austin Parks Foundation which makes our cleaning days possible, including generous grant support to buy tools and cleaning equipment. Next year, we hope to be a full partner with the IMPD experience, but for this year, we welcome any and all volunteers to our Friends of Barton Springs Pool day at Barton Springs!



Volunteers on the Earth Day broom line

PRESS RELEASE: Eighth Annual “Give 5% to Mother Earth” Campaign Unites Environmental Nonprofits with Local Business Community

AUSTIN, TX – February 9, 2017 – FriendUntitleds of Barton Springs Pool, along with eight other environmental non-profits, is encouraging the Central Texas community to eat, shop, play, and more to support the “Give 5% to Mother Earth” campaign – taking place at local business locations all over Austin on Earth Day, April 21, 2017!

“Give 5% to Mother Earth” is a collaboration between Shoal Creek Conservancy, Hill Country Conservancy, Austin Parks Foundation, Sustainable Food Center, Pease Park Conservancy, Waller Creek Conservancy, TreeFolks, The Texas Campaign for the Environment Fund, and Friends of Barton Springs Pool.  Local businesses have committed to donate five percent of gross sales on Earth Day to these non-profits that dedicate their time and energy into making Central Texas a better place.

With the number of new businesses and sponsors involved, as well as additional non-profit beneficiaries, the campaign has become a significant source of funding for our environmental community, as well as a model for similar programs around the nation.  Now we need Austin to help make the outcome this year bigger and better than ever!

In its eighth year, the “Give 5% to Mother Earth” campaign has become a substantial source of annual fundraising for each beneficiary. Since inception, the campaign has raised thousands of dollars for environmental non-profits that work year round to better the local environment in multiple ways.  By participating in this campaign, local business owners and the community are making a significant positive impact on the future of Austin’s natural resources.

Last year, the Give 5% Campaign raised $50,000, and our goal in 2017 is to double our impact and raise $100,000 for our nonprofit partners. We are so thankful to you and all of our business partners for your contributions to this goal and mission!

For more a full list of participating businesses and sponsor and “Give 5% to Mother Earth” events, visit AustinGive5.org.  If you would like to sign up to participate online the new link to do that is: https://austingive5.org/for-businesses/#signup