President’s Report

“2011, What a Year” or, to parody Dr. Strangelove “How I Learned to Stop Worrying about the Heat and Love the Algae”

by Gary Beyer

What was that, anyway?  I’m talking about this last summer, Summer 2011.  100 plus temperatures for weeks, no, make that months on end.  If it wasn’t for Barton Springs, I would have spent the entire summer inside the air conditioning watching Bonanza re-runs.  Thank God (or the Goddess, or the Dharma) for Barton Springs.  Apparently everyone else felt the same way.  The attendance at Barton Springs this summer doubled as nature lovers who wanted to get outside and didn’t want to die from heat exhaustion took refuge in the cool, refreshing waters.  And poor old Barton Springs welcomed our presence in record numbers, but not without wear and tear.  The record drought has devastated the trees and grass, and reduced the spring flow to a trickle, resulting in the lowest water quality in a long time.  Still, our intrepid volunteers have fought on, sweeping record volumes of algae.  Thanks to you, we logged in over 900 hours of volunteer service to help keep the pool clean and clearer that it would have been otherwise.  Hats off  (or Namaste!)
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Fall Social 2011

Many thanks, Friends.  We embraced the cool evening during this year’s Fall Social.  All enjoyed food (from Torchy’s Tacos) and the beer (from Austin Beerworks).  The crisp clear night was f as attendees huddled together in teams to spark neurons and sharpen minds, for the challenging Barton Springs Trivia Contest.

Quiz Master and Membership Director, Jesse Malone, kept three teams on point.   Though the contest was spirited, the other teams were no match for the Barton Springs Pool related knowledge of our outgoing President, Robin Cravey, and his team took the win.

Volunteer Appreciation Swim Cards went out to this year’s volunteers, Aaron Tucker, Mary Skyler, Mike and Jean Flahive. Helping clean the pool is what we do, FBSP is very grateful for all of our volunteers.

In Celebration, President Gary Beyer, offered words of appreciation as he presented outgoing president Robin Cravey with an Award of Recognition for Robin’s several years of dedicated work, planning, and service as President and Board Member of FBSP.  Robin, we look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you at the pool.  First Thursdays, there should be a broom with your name on it, maybe even a an algae net, a rail scrubber, a wheel barrow, a shovel, and of course other volunteers and friends to help.

Happy Solstice.  Good swimming to all!

Mary Y~

Fun Director, 2011