RESCHEDULED Tenth Anniversary Party — June 30, 5:30pm til Free Swim

FBSP’s RESCHEDULED 10th Anniversary Party will be on Thursday, June 30, and YOU’RE INVITED!!!!

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Friends of Barton Springs Pool and all our joyous work scrubbing, weeding, and brooming the pool into a better place to swim, our friends, family, and volunteers are invited to join current and past board members, volunteers, and supporters at the Zilker Rock Garden Picnic Area on Thursday, June 30 from 5:30 until free swim (9 pm).  Please join us for a fun evening to recall fond memories, share pictures from the past, and talk about the future FBSP projects.
We will have free beer and Tex-Mex generously provided by Saint Arnold’s Brewing Company and Maudie’s Tex-Mex, so come hungry and thirsty!
Please RSVP at this link (  We look forward to seeing you there to help us celebrate our beloved pool and those who care for it.
   We look forward to seeing you there!

Next Pool Cleaning — June 30, 2016

UPDATE — Our next volunteer pool cleaning event is Thursday, June 30, from 9am til 3pm.  Barring unforeseen flooding, we will need lots of volunteers to help clean the Springs and tidy our beautiful pool and surrounding grounds, so please join us!  Sign up for a shift at our VolunteerSpot registration link,

At the June cleaning, volunteers can help spiff up Barton Springs Pool by brushing and vacuuming the pool bottom, cleaning stair rails and sidewalls, painting the south deck blocks, landscaping, gardening around the pool grounds, weeding the Great Lawn, and generally lending a hand to make the pool and grounds as clean and beautiful as possible. There are also lots of projects both in and out of the water, so please dress appropriately. This means long sleeves, pants and shirt, closed toed shoes and socks for grounds work. Wet clothes for muddy work in the pool. Don’t forget your towel and sun protection!

New President

At the FBSP Board Meeting on April 26, 2016, we elected Steve Barnick to serve as President of the board.  In addition, Crispin Richey was elected to serve on the board as our Fundraising Chair.  And in the absence of any objection, Lindsey Robbins was elected to serve as our Fun chair.

We are delighted to welcome Steve back to the board.  He brings much wisdom, experience, passion, and happy vibes to our work to a help return the pool to its rightful glory.

We also look forward to Crispin bringing his fearless and energetic passion (and credit card reader) to support our fundraising efforts.  And when Lindsey returns from our global sojourn, we will be expecting much from our happy traveler to help promote happiness and well-being at Barton Springs Pool.

“Children’s Facilities” Focus Group Meeting — McBeth Recreation Center on Nov. 5 (6pm)

Please join us on November 5, 2015 at 6:00 PM at McBeth Recreation Center for the second Focus Group Meeting to discuss the Children’s Facilities goals, priorities, and solutions in connection with potential Zilker Park Improvements within the Barton Springs Bathhouse Zone.  This will be the third meeting from the City of Austin’s scheduled public engagement topic meetings which include:

  • October 27th, 2015 — Open House from 6:00-8:00 PM at Zilker Botanical Gardens
  • November 3rd — Environmental/Infrastructure Focus Group, 6:00-9:00 PM McBeth Recreation Center
  • November 5th — Children’s Facilities Focus Group, 6:00-9:00 PM McBeth Recreation Center
  • November 12th — Bathhouse Focus Group, 6:00-9:00 PM Zilker Botanical Gardens
  • November 18th — Review and Alternatives, 6:00-9:00 PM Zilker Botanical Gardens
  • December 9th Draft Recommendations, 6:00-9:00 PM location TBD

The agenda for the November 5, 2015 Children’s Facilities Focus Group Meeting is set forth below:

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Introductions and Structure of the Meeting (5 min)
  2. Project Summary (5 min)
  3. Presentation- Bathhouse Zone Plan and Overview of Constraints (10 min)
  4. Small Group Discussions (20 min each)
    1. Playscape issues, such as replacing or expanding playscape equipment with safe, modern, natural, age appropriate structures (e.g., natural, faux, or manmade structures).
    2. Children’s Amenities & Other Facilities issues, such as children’s restroom facilities at different locations in the park,
    3. Environmental Education issues, such as the adequacy and improvement of the environmental and water quality education provided at the Sheffield Center and Splash! Exhibit, safe bus loading, and the interaction between Splash! and education classrooms and other sites in the area.
  5. Share Responses (10 minutes)

New FBSP Board Members

At the July FBSP Board Meeting on July 29, 2014, we elected the following new board members to the indicated positions:  Phyllis Barron (Membership Chair),  Velida Gutierrez (Fun Chair), Manaswini Kotecha (Treasurer), Lindsey Robbins (Fundraising Chair), Cate Sweeney (Communications Chair), and Jennifer Zankowski (Advocacy Chair).

We are delighted to see the passion and volunteer spirit of these wonderful additions to the Friends of Barton Springs Pool board, and look forward to working with them to a help return the pool to its rightful glory.