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3 Jul

July 2018 President’s Report

Friends, So it has been awhile since I sat down and put pen to paper and wrote one of these, [&hellip

25 May

South Lawn Sticky Burr (Soliva Sessilis)

Friends, During April’s volunteer cleaning, we attacked the sticky burrs on the South Lawn with a group ~15 volunteers, but [&hellip

4 Apr

FBSP President’s Message — April 2018

Friends, Our year of volunteering at the pool officially started with It’s My Park Day on Sat(3/3) where we had [&hellip

22 Feb

President’s Report — March, 2018

PRESIDENT’S REPORT (MARCH, 2018) Friends, We kicked off the new year with a board retreat in February where we discussed [&hellip

6 Dec

President’s Report — December, 2017

FBSP END OF 2017 PRESIDENT’S REPORT Friends, We capped off our 2017 volunteer pool cleaning effort by planting 3 pecan, [&hellip

16 Aug

Presidents Report (Aug-Sept 2017)

FBSP AUGUST/SEPTEMBER-2017 PRESIDENT’S REPORT Friends, We are proud to announce the addition of Seth (Jason) Cross to our FBSP board [&hellip

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