Upcoming Volunteer Opportuny: Cleaning the Pool 2/28

We will be cleaning the Pool on Saturday, February 28 from 10AM to 6PM and we need your help!
Please contact Annie Buckman at service@friendsofbartonspringspool.org to schedule a 2 hour shift to clean the Pool.

Information about cleaning the Pool:
At the seasonal monthly pool cleanings, FBSP volunteers scrub rocks, vacuum the pool bottom, clean algae off steps and railings, skim algae off the pool surface, plant flowers and help maintain the pool grounds, paint benches and trim, and generally lend a hand to make the pool and grounds as clean and beautiful as possible.

Volunteering to help with the pool cleanings is a great way to learn more about the Pool. Once you’re in the pool wrestling the floor buffer or swimming along with the giant algae skimmer, you’ll begin to understand how the water flows through the pool, where the main springs are, what creatures live in the pool and where, and how we can continue to improve pool cleaning and maintenance practices.

Pool cleanings usually take place in three or four two-hour shifts—usually 10–12, 12–2, 2–4, and 4–6. We need three or four volunteers for each shift along with experienced volunteers to serve as shift leaders. Volunteers who clean the pool four hours annually become members of FBSP without having to pay dues.

Next volunteer opportunity is on Saturday, March 7th.

Spring Cleaning: Pool will be closed

The Austin Parks and Recreation Department Aquatic Division will close Barton Springs Pool February 23, 2009 through March 14, 2009, for its annual spring cleaning.

During the closure of the Pool, FBSP will be hosting two volunteer cleaning dates on Saturday, February 28 and Saturday, March 7th.

Please contact Annie Buckman, our service chair, to volunteer to help us clean the pool. You can email her at service@friendsofbartonspringspool.org.

Master Plan passes 7-0

Today the city council has agreed that Barton Springs Pool deserves renovation, better water quality, and preservation. It passed the Master Plan with a vote of 7-0!

Thank you all for sending emails to the city council, attending the press conference, and coming to city hall today! Our hard work has paid off and today we will celebrate a much needed victory for Barton Springs Pool.

Master Plan Coverage in the News:
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Master Plan
Master Plan