5 May

An independent tree assessment at BSP

A big thanks to SOS Alliance for hiring Don Gardner to do an independent assessment of the trees at Barton Springs Pool. Please take your time to read Gardner’s Assessment and Evaluation of Trees Listed for Removal at Barton Springs Pool.

26 Apr

2009 Board Members

On Saturday, April 26th, the new Board Members were announced at our annual membership meeting. They are as follows:

Robin Cravey, President
Gary Beyer, Vice President
Mike Cannatti, Secretary
Tom Weber, Advocacy chair
Maria Ines Weber, Treasurer
Peggy Wall, Membership chair
Annie Buckman, Service chair
Chasity Larios, Communications chair
Clarke Hammond, Fundraising chair
Pat Bobeck, Fun chair

Many thanks to outgoing and continuing board members.  Congratulations to new board members.

18 Apr

Membership Meeting in April

Please join the Friends of Barton Springs Pool for our annual membership meeting on Saturday, April 25, noon to 1:30 pm.  We will meet in the Splash exhibit classroom.  All are welcome.

Highlights of the meeting:
Get to know fellow swimmers
Thank departing board members
Elect new board members
Learn about volunteer opportunities
Hear about our accomplishments of the past year
Learn the status of the bypass tunnel repair from David Johns of the
Parks Department
Refreshments and door prizes
Join us for a walk to the archeological site in Zilker following the meeting

18 Apr

Tree Assessment will bring changes to Pool grounds

In 2006 the Friends of Barton Springs Pool warned that trees in the pool area needed attention.  City council funded a study and evaluation of the trees.  The study has been delivered.  Some trees must be removed, some will receive care, and some new trees will be planted.

Friends vice president Robin Cravey commented, “Tree removals hurt, but sometimes they are necessary.  The benefit is that new trees will be planted, and many of the trees standing will get much-needed arbor care.”

The Barton Springs Tree Assessment Report and Action Plan will be presented to the Joint Committee of the Parks and Environmental Boards on Monday evening at 6:30 pm.  Also on the agenda are reports on Barton Springs Gravel Removal, Barton Springs Bypass Tunnel, and Barton Springs Short-Term Projects.  Representative of Friends of Barton Springs will attend the meeting.

Read the tree study at: http://www.ci.austin.tx.us/parks/downloads/bsptrees.pdf

Tree Assessment

Tree Assessment

11 Apr

Call for Board Members

This is a call for board members to be elected at the April membership meeting on Saturday, April 25th (you can subscribe to our calendar to stay updated with FBSP events).

We are in need of:
Vice President
Advocacy Chair
Fun Chair

Anyone interested please contact Steve Barnick at:


24 Mar

Southgate access in the evening is closed.

The southgate access has been closed for the evenings due to citizens not obeying the rules during that time. It will be accessable during the morning free swim times and a notice of the exact hours for accessability will be posted at the southgate.

If you remember in earlier discussions folks were bringing in coolers, dogs and engaging in other activities that are against the rules within the pool grounds. We sent out announcements requesting that folks should be more responsible. We requested that the park police increase there patrols in that area. Unfortunately that did not work.

NOTE: This is a safety issue for all users of the pool that are obeying the rules because a staff member is taken away to deal with violators on the south side which increases the risk of managing the rest of the pool.

We will continue to work towards finding a solution that will hopefully one day allow access to the southgate in the evenings in the future but until then it is what it is…:(

Steve Barnick
FBSP President

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