Greetings Friends,

Spring has sprung and the Friends of Barton Springs Pool Board of Directors is gearing up for another exciting year of protecting and preserving the Barton Springs Pool! We’re busy with projects inside and outside the fence and very excited to announce the return of our annual membership picnic in June. Stay tuned for more details!

Our first volunteer pool cleaning was a huge success and we want to carry that forward throughout the year by encouraging members to join us for these vital pool preservation efforts. Pool cleanings take place on the first Thursday of each month and allow volunteers to catch some rays and get their hands dirty in support of the pool. See the schedule below and sign up for the date and time that work for you. Snacks and refreshments are provided and the first ten people to sign-up for a cleaning get a free FBSP t-shirt!

See you at the Pool!

FSBP Board

Upcoming Pool Cleanings:

April 4                  (9am-12pm or 12-3pm)
May 2                   (9am-12pm or 12-3pm)
June 6                  (9am-12pm or 12-3pm)
July 11                  (9am-12pm or 12-3pm)
August 1               (9am-12pm or 12-3pm)
September 5        (9am-12pm or 12-3pm)
October 4             (9am-12pm or 12-3pm)

Have questions about pool cleanings? Contact us at

Not a member? Become one today! Contact us at to get on our mailing list and to learn about upcoming volunteer events at the Pool.

April 4, 2019 — A Spring Barton Springs Cleaning Volunteer Opportunity

Hark, the herald angels sing!
It’s time for all to clean the Springs!
So join the gang on April 4
to help us with our cleaning chores!


On Thursday, April 4 (9am to 3pm), volunteers can help clean Barton Springs by push-brooming the shallow end algae, helping yank invasives, brushing and cleaning the stair rails and sidewalls, potting the plants (it’s not what it sounds like), aerating and weeding the lawn and gardens, and generally doing some good for this place Austin loves!  All this hard work helps contribute to the cleaning, well-being, and beautification of Barton Springs Pool.

Volunteers can choose from 3 two hour shifts, starting at 9am.  Please sign up for a shift at the SignUp link ( to help spiff up the pool.

Opportunity for Feedback on the Barton Springs Bathhouse Rehabilitation

With gratitude for ALL the community input received throughout the Bathhouse Rehabilitation process, you should know that the Final Survey for the Barton Springs Bathhouse concept is now open!

Please give feedback on the proposed concept for the historic Barton Springs Bathhouse Rehabilitation project by filling out the survey at It’s short and sweet!


Help AMPLIFY Friends of Barton Springs Pool on Feb. 28, 2019

Please join us as we Amplify Austin by donating to Friends of Barton Springs Pool through the Amplify Austin campaign on Feb. 28-Mar. 1, 2019.  Your donation supports our work to protect, restore, improve and maintain Barton Springs Pool – Austin’s Crown Jewel and natural treasure. Now, you can Amplify Friends of Barton Springs Pool anytime by donating at Ignore the popup, and show your love for Friends of Barton Springs Pool.


Our volunteers are happy to help clean the springs, and are even happier to have you help us Amplify Barton Springs Pool. Your donation will support Friends of Barton Springs Pool in our work to help restore and renovate the Barton Springs Pool Bathhouse, and to help organize monthly cleaning events that bring in scores of swimmers and friends of Barton Springs to work beside the staff to clean the Pool.  Such funds are used in our monthly volunteer pool cleanings to to purchase cleaning equipment and tools, food, and refreshments. Friends of Barton Springs Pool also raises funds to purchase new trees in the pool area.

Bathhouse Rehab Project Community Meeting (August 14, 2018) — Join Us!

As a friendly reminder, please join us tomorrow, Tuesday, August 14, 2018 (6-7:30pm at Zilker Botanical Gardens) for a Project Values and Program Workshop Community Meeting to discuss the Barton Springs Bathhouse Rehabilitation project.  At the meeting, city staff and the design architects (Limbacher & Godfrey) will to provide an update and discuss the bathhouse design issues to get community feedback and input.

Through the meetings thus far, we have emphasized the importance of making environmental education a key part of any final bathhouse design that improves the visitor experience.  In the community, there is strong agreement that the best and only way to preserve Barton Springs is by dramatically increasing our education efforts and public outreach to our growing population to educate the citizens and local officials about the threats to the Edwards Aquifer and Barton Springs, and how we as a community can protect it for future generations.  Currently, the competing needs at the bathhouse are in conflict and are squeezing the educational function, so we want expanded and improved education to be part of the bathhouse and any visitor education center.  Generally speaking, this can be achieved by advocating for the following design outcomes:

  1.  Implement the Master Plan’s recommendations for:
  •          returning the main entrance to the original entrances at the central rotunda,
  •          upgrading the gallery and creating a Visitor Center to provide a central organizing experience for all pool visitors, and
  •          updating the dressing areas and reconfiguring public restrooms for improved comfort and accessibility while respecting their historic architectural heritage.
  1. Implement the Feasibility Study’s detailed recommendations for protecting, enhancing and expanding the environmental education programming at the Bathhouse and/or a Visitor Education Center to improve the visitor experience by:
  •          reopening the rotunda entrances to enhance the entrance experience and to include environmental education exhibits, preferably while maintaining the current entrance,
  •          reopening (and restoring?) the Women’s Dressing Area to the extent possible,
  •          maintaining at least part of the central rotunda space and former basket room for public access (e.g., exhibits, environmental education, etc.), and
  •          dramatically increasing our education efforts and public outreach to our growing population to educate the citizens and local officials about the threats to the Edwards Aquifer and Barton Springs, and how we as a community can protect it for future generations, since this is the best and only way to preserve Barton Springs,
  •          providing visitor education to address the environmental impact of sunscreen and “best practices” for minimizing impact,
  •          reducing impervious cover and/or improving water quality outcomes as part of the overall process.

These seem like good guiding design values that leave plenty of room for design options that can be developed by the architects.

For the latest information on the Barton Springs Bathhouse Rehabilitation project, be sure to visit the city’s Bathhouse Rehabilitation website for information on project goals and timeline for upcoming community meetings where you can join the Austin Parks and Recreation Department, Public Works Department, and other Barton Springs Stakeholders to provide input for the design process for the historic Barton Springs Bathhouse, extending the work of the Barton Springs Pool Master Plan, the Zilker Park Bathhouse Zone Feasibility Study, and 2012 Bond Package.

Patriotic Pool Cleaning — July 5, 2018 (9am – 3pm)!!!!

At this great place we call Barton Springs,
the waters flow cool, clear and clean,
but to show our love true,
wear your red, white, and blue,
and join in with our pool cleaning team!

On this Fourth of July holiday, join us Friends of Barton Springs Pool on Thursday, July 5 for one or more of our two-hour shifts, starting at 9:00, 11:00 and 1:00.  There is no better way to provide community service than doing a refreshing day of volunteer work to keep Barton Springs Pool the best that it can be.  Help “give back” to Barton Springs by volunteering with one of our projects — including push-brooming the pool bottom of the shallow end, scrubbing algae from the sides, rails, and stairs, helping with landscape efforts to beautify the grounds with weeding, turning the mulch, and generally lending a hand to make the pool and grounds as clean and beautiful as possible. So come roll up your sleeves, bring a friend, have a snack and enjoy the comp any of other Barton Springs enthusiasts. We look look forward to seeing you there!