Barton Springs Pool Treeathlon

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On April 28, 2012, the third annual Barton Springs Pool Treeathlon was held as a goofy short and family-friendly swim/bike/run event to raise funds for Barton Springs Pool.  Participants swam ACROSS Barton Springs Pool, biked a short loop through Zilker Park, and then ran a short course around the Polo Fields to the finish line party at the Polo Field picnic table area.  Not an entirely serious athletic endeavor, the Treeathlon provided a fun way to celebrate Barton Springs Pool by bringing back some of the “Keep Austin Weird” vibe.  Participants received cool tie-dye Treeathon t-shirts, and also enjoyed yummy Tacodeli tacos with Saint Arnold’s beer and Maine Root soft drinks.

Fundraising Results: Thanks to generous support from our great sponsors and from our Treeathletes, we raised over $6,000 to support the restoration of  the original rotunda entrance to the Bathhouse and other pool-related work of Friends of Barton Springs Pool.


Zilker Zealot Sponsor:

Philosopher’s Rock Sponsors:


Towering Moonlighter Sponsors:

Randy Sarosdy

Parthenia’s Pecan Sponsors:

Joe and Sarah Anderson

Eliza’s Elm Sponsors:


Robin and Frances Thompson

Kenneth Prol

Michelle and Sam Haddad

Dave Swincher

Karen and Philip Ingram

Bill Spelman

Raymond and Jane White

Mike and Thresa Nasi

Robert Bauer



We’ve also received tons of organizational help from Dan Carroll with High Five Events ( which we appreciate beyond words.

Also, special thanks to Jon “Papa” Grant for his wonderful work in preparing the Treeathlon logo showing the salamanders in their action triathlete poses.  Way cute!

We also appreciate Will van Overbeek for permitting us to use the “Diver” photo in our publicity materials.  This is the classic Barton Springs Pool image.

Thanks so much!

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