Short-term projects

In developing the Master Plan, several critical issues were identified as needing immediate attention. These issues were presented to City management and the City Council. Approval was given, and funding ($6.2 million) was provided.

These issues will be addressed in the short-term projects, which will be completed in three to five years. The short-term projects include:

  • A pilot study for water recirculation in the “beach” area.
  • A pilot study for ultrasonic algae control.
  • A pilot study for creek flow.
  • An assessment and treatment of the 45 most critical trees.
  • Replacing overhead electrical wiring with underground wiring, and adding electrical service to the poolside to facilitate pool cleaning.
  • A detailed topographic survey.
  • Removal of the gravel build-up in the deep end.  Click here to see video of the 2006 and 2011 flood debris removal projects.
  • Renovating the existing bathhouse (phase I): Roof repairs/replacement, air conditioning upgrade, and solar hot water heater replacement.
  • Replacing bypass grate.
  • Repairs to the bypass tunnel joints.
  • A new pump to facilitate more efficient pool cleaning.
  • An ADA accessible path from south entrance to poolside.
  • Hydrodynamic modeling for flood and flow control.
  • Silt and algae disposal.
  • An interpretive plan for pool and vicinity.
  • A temporary algae skimmer.
  • General grounds improvements.
  • Improvements to Sunken Gardens (phase I).
  • Structural testing of dams.

Proposed Project Timeline Published by FBSP

Project timeline for short-term projects

Gravel Bar FAQs Published by FBSP

Gravel Bar Frequently Asked Questions

Comments on the Project Review Process by FBSP

FBSP Comments on PARD Initial Draft of the Project Review Process

Current Status of Short-term Projects

Click here to visit the current status of the short-term projects provided by the City of Austin.