Amplify Austin and Friends of Barton Springs Pool

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Join Amplify Austin’s 24 hour online giving festival scheduled for March 5-6, 2015 to support Friends of Barton Springs Pool, a volunteer community of people dedicated to restoring, improving and maintaining Barton Springs Pool with monthly volunteer pool cleanings, advocacy for the pool, and other pool-related projects.  A donation of $10, $20, or $50 from each Friend would go a looooooong way to help us with the Pool.



Please visit our fundraising page to schedule your donation by clicking here.

 Friends of Barton Springs Pool is raising funds to help organize monthly cleaning events that bring in scores of swimmers and friends of Barton Springs to work beside the staff to clean the Pool. Such funds are used in our monthly volunteer pool cleanings to purchase cleaning equipment and tools, food, and refreshments. Friends of Barton Springs Pool also raises funds to purchase new trees in the pool area and to help restore and renovate the Barton Springs Pool Bathhouse.

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