History of FBSP

Early in 2006, a few regular Barton Springs Pool swimmers were frustrated by the declining water quality and condition of the pool and decided to do something about it. They formed Friends of Barton Springs Pool, a group dedicated to returning the pool to its rightful glory.

What We’ve Accomplished

  • Elected a board of directors, developed a committee system, incorporated as a non-profit,and expanded the board.
  • Organized cleaning events that have brought in scores of swimmers and friends of Barton Springs to work beside the staff to clean the Pool.
  • Created Council Cleans the Pool Day, an annual event when members of the City Council and their staffs help us clean the Pool.
  • Urged the City Council for more funding for the Pool. The City Manager then allocated $500,000 for capital improvements to the Pool, which was adopted by the Council.
  • Worked with the Council and Aquatics staff to develop a resolution to create and fund a Barton Springs Master Plan.
  • Played a key role in scoping the master plan contract with city staff and articulating issues for the master plan consultants.
  • Encouraged the city to remove the gravel bar from the deep end of the Pool, inspiring the city’s first use of suction hoses to remove debris.
  • Spoke up for the interests of swimmers and the citizens of Austin in the cleaning, maintenance, and improvement of the Pool.
  • Organized over 1200 volunteer hours to help clean the Pool.
  • Removed at least 9,000 lbs. of algae.
  • Developed a culture of stewardship through which we learn about the Pool as we work to care for it.
  • Initiated a joint project with Aquatics and Watershed staff to rewrite the operating manual for the Pool.
  • Worked with the Council and Aquatics staff to pass a resolution to create and fund a Barton Springs Master Plan.
  • Perhaps our biggest accomplishment to date is represented by the 2008 budget. City Council responded to our requests concerning the maintenance, accessibility, and environmental state of the Pool by allocating $2.6 million for renovations!

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