Get to know boardmember Jesse Malone, Membership Chairman

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How long have you been in Austin?
Born in Austin in 1981

Why did you join the Friends of Barton Springs Pool?
To try and bring the pool back to the glory days that I remember from my childhood through highschool.

What do you do during the day?
I am a Civil Engineer working for a private engineering firm.

What does Barton Springs Pool mean to you?
It is a place of fond memories. A place where I developed the love of water and swimming. A place where the water always helps me to relax.

Favorite local band or artist?
Luke Malone

My folks Pete and Mary still live in the house I grew up in on Treadwell about 5 blocks from the springs. I also have a brother, Luke, and a sister, Georgia.

Favorite moment volunteering for FBSP?
I have not had many moments todate however I do enjoy interacting with the members of FBSP and hearing from other pool enthusiasts.

Any hidden talents?
I am pretty good at relaxing/napping.

Describe your first experience at Barton Springs Pool…
Well I think it happened before my memory kicked in. My mom used to take me as a baby. As a child I really enjoyed trying to see how long I could hold my breath by swimming to the bottom of the pool under the diving board and holding onto a rock to keep me from floating to the surface. The view of looking up at the divers going into the water from below is beautiful.

How long have you been a member of FBSP?
About a month.

Besides BSP, where is your favorite hangout in Austin?
To many to name. Generally I like good food, good beer and a relativley quiet place to relax or mix it up with folks. So any place that meets one or all of these categories I probably have enjoyed hanging out at.

Favorite author?
Roald Dahl and John Steinbeck.

Favorite quote?
“The older you get the less you know.”
– someone young –

Collegiate days?
I received my B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Beer of choice?
Prima Pils.

Favorite philosopher?
That guy at Quack’s I meet one time.

What is one goal you have for the Membership Committee to achieve in the next year?
To sign up more members and try to convey to our members and volunteer’s how much their work is needed and appreciated by the entire pool community.

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