May President’s Report

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Envisioning the landscape of the future

by Robin Cravey

General grounds improvements are the next of the short term projects to get underway.  They’re in the public input process now.  This is our chance to dream of what we would like to see at the pool.

2010-2011 Board Members

2010-2011 Board Members

The broad outline of the project involves infrastructure improvements and livability improvements.  Infrastructure improvements include: electrical upgrades; water pumping upgrades; burying the unsightly and unsafe hanging powerlines; and installing new lighting.  Livability improvements include landscaping throughout the grounds; accessible trail from south gate to pool deck; and new fence around the grounds.

Some general goals apply throughout the grounds.  Better maintain the trees, and plant new trees, and diversify the species of trees.  Replace St. Augustine where possible with more native turf grasses or planting beds.  Upgrade the automatic sprinklers.  Reduce or eliminate invasive species and replace them with native vegetation.

On the north side, outside the fence, we should preserve and beautify the tree court.  Redesign the planters and pavement in the tree court and reduce foot and bicycle traffic over the root zone.  Restore the entrance to the rotunda, and relocate the bike racks to the front yard west of the rotunda.  Connect the tree court to Eliza Springs.

Inside the fence, above the pool, the improve treatment of the old oak, and install a boulder garden on the steep slope.  Add a stone patio at the bathhouse corner near the dressing rooms.

On the south side, inside the fence, improve lawn maintenance and reduce runoff.  Bring the south woods into the pool area with an extended fence, and improve drainage in the ravine there.  Build an accessible trail from south gate to pool deck to allow all users to go there.

Outside the south fence, establish a wildflower meadow.  Improve the parking lot to stop the dust rising from it.  Improve the entrance on Robert E. Lee.

Replace the chain link fence with wire mesh or wrought iron, and install an art fence at the tree court overlook.
The next design workshop will be at the pool on June 5th, free swim day.  Let’s have fun with it.

Volunteers clean algae in March

Volunteers clean algae in March

Quick Dips

Our next volunteer cleaning party will be June 3 and it’s a big one.  It’s just before the free swim day on June 5, so we need a big turnout to get the pool in top condition.

We have some gorgeous new tee shirts thanks to Gary Beyer’s dogged work.  Pick one up at the hospitality tent on a Saturday, or at a volunteer cleaning party.

The Barton Springs Plan Coordinating Committee met in two sessions a few weeks ago to talk about short term projects, invasive species, safety around the pool, and other issues.

Preparations are underway for the annual members meeting, now set for June 19th and Council Cleans the Pool Day, now set for August 12th.

Five of our board members began new two-year terms this month:  Vice President, Gary Beyer; Treasurer, Maria Ines Weber; Advocacy Director, Tom Weber; Service Director, Jonathan Beall; Fundraising Director, Mike Cannatti.  Congratulations to them.  We are still recruiting a Membership Director.

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