September 7, 2017 — First Thursday Barton Springs Volunteer Cleaning!!!!

With this month’s jaunty boast, we taunt the faux floods here and invite folks to join Friends of Barton Springs Pool at next Thursday’s volunteer pool cleaning:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
The Harvey Floods tried,
But couldn’t close our pool!

We’re expecting MASSIVE turnout from the good folks at C3 Presents, along with our stalwart supporters at Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company, so please join us at the Springs!  Also, please help us organize our upcoming activity by clicking the link below to learn more and sign up to help:

Thanks for making a difference!

PS —  For something that rhymes with “Cleaning,” you can also attend the Living Springs Screening of “Wildlands” on Saturday, September 2 on the south side (7:30-8:30PM).  Hosted by Living Springs an Interactive Documentary about Barton Springs and Save Barton Creek Association, the 22-minute “Wildlands” documentary will showcase Austin’s water quality protection lands that Austin voters purchased to protect the aquifer. Learn about the significance and importance of preserving our aquifer lands. Swim before or after. Environmental groups will be on hand before the screening to talk about how you can get involved in community efforts to support the Springs, creeks and aquifer.