Presidents Report (Aug-Sept 2017)



We are proud to announce the addition of Seth (Jason) Cross to our FBSP board as the new Fundraising Chair. After a lively discussion at our booth on the south side in July, Seth expressed interest in getting involved. He has experience as a lifeguard at BSP in the 90’s is a regular lap swimmer and has a deep appreciation for who we are and what we are doing so please welcome Seth to our team.

We are still seeking to fill Duck Kiss(1)vacancies at Vice President, and Membership so if you have an interested please get in touch with me at [].

THANKS TO THOSE THAT HELPED!! As you know we are working hard to remove non-native plants at BSP. One of our challenges is finding people that are not allergic to poison ivy to volunteer. Last month we put a callout to our membership and the response has been amazing. We also had a member offer the services of his baby goats who graze on the poison ivy and we are hoping to work out the details to make that part of our monthly pool cleanings in the future. Irrigation of the grounds using creek water has been a challenge this summer due to some issues with the pump. We met with PARD and we are happy to report they will be replacing the pump with a system that is programmable and capable of pumping at the wide range of pump flow and pressure needs that are required at the pool.

NO SPRAY ON SUNSCREEN AT THE POOL!! This has become a nuisance to anyone that is exposed to the cloud of sunscreen and its effects on water quality. Advocating for a total ban on sunscreen seems a bit excessive so we are hoping that with some added signage and possibly some other methods we can reduce this issue in the future. If anyone has any suggestions we ask that you write them out and submit them at the pool’s suggestion box or email them to me at []

PLANTING POOL TREES  Planting trees at BSP, we recently met with PARD-Forestry department to advocate for replacing some lost trees at BSP. FBSP has funding available and we are working out the details to get this done as soon as possible.

QUIETER POOL  Have you noticed the reduction in pump noise coming from Eliza!!! A group of stakeholders following a suggestion by Bill Bunch(SOS) to cover the pumps were successful in convincing PARD/Watershed that this was important. A big shout out to Bill for the idea and the perseverance of the stakeholders involved in making it happen.

HOTEL OCCUPANCY TAX FUNDS FOR PARKS AND BARTON SPRINGS  Finding funding for improvements to the Bathhouse and possible new Zilker Welcome Center are in the works at city hall. Mayor Adler recently held a press conference where he proposed a 2% Hotel Occupancy Tax to address funding the “downtown puzzle”, that includes a new convention center, homeless issues downtown, additional historic preservation of tourist destinations in the city, and other community benefits for our parks, cultural arts, and commercial music venues. This by no means is the complete story, it is complicated, and controversial but we are encouraged by the proposal and support any effort that will help with funding Barton Springs Pool Master Plan efforts to rehabilitate the bathhouse.

CELEBRATING THE DAY LIGHTING OF ELIZA SPRINGS  While we still do not have a date for coordinating this event, we all are exhausted and confused by how long this has taken but in the end we will be able to rejoice in raising awareness to our most important Barton Springs Salamander Habitat and that my friends is a good thing!

See you at the pool,
Steve Barnick
FBSP President

NOTE: Our next south side booth is Sun(9/3) 10-4 and volunteer pool cleaning is Thurs(9/7) 9-3.