Patriotic Pool Cleaning — July 6, 2017 (9am – 3pm)!!!!

At this great place called Barton Springs Pool,
deep water flows so clear and so cool,
but to keep the pool clean,
we need volunteer teams
to brush broom the city’s crown jewel!Hell Yes AGBG FBSB Cleaning

Every first Thursday, Friends of Barton Springs Pool hosts three two-hour shifts, starting at 9:00, 11:00 and 1:00, so please join us this next Thursday (July 6) for a refreshing day of volunteer work to keep Barton Springs Pool the best that it can be. All volunteers are welcome to push-broom the pool bottom clean while we sing our happy tune as we help to put a shine on our jewel of Austin, Barton Springs Pool.

Whole Foods FBSB Cleaning