August President’s Report

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This month will bring our fourth annual Council Cleans the Pool Day. It’s an essential event for FBSP, pulling together many of the basic strands of our reason for existence.

First, of course, it’s about cleaning the Pool. That was what brought together that hardy band of swimmers back in 2006. Cleaning the Pool is still our mission today.

Second, it’s about partnership and stewardship. FBSP volunteers work side-by-side with pool staff month in and month out to keep the Pool clean and healthy.

Third, it puts the Council at the center of attention. It gives everyone a chance to remember that even though the Council has many heavy issues in its purview, the Pool won’t survive without their care and attention. On this day, council members step in as vital members of the stewardship team.

Fourth, with volunteers, staff, and council all together, it gives us a chance to learn from each other, and to talk about the state of the Pool in this moment and over time. We dream and plan and make commitments to restore the Pool to its rightful glory.

Through drought and flood and drought again (hoping for a “normal rainfall” year) we keep coming together to witness each other caring for the Pool, and to talk about what more we can do. Come out and join us!