May 7 Volunteer Pool Cleaning — Great Success!

We had a great Thursday pool cleaning today.  Despite some early rain drops, the weather cleared, and our crew of brawny young men from Benchmark Center jumped in to clean up after the flooding rains yesterday closed the pool.  With the water drawn down, the staff biologists helped clean the habitat area while our vigorous crew of young men pulled out all kinds of skucleaningpoolnk and muck from the pool bottom for hauling to the compost area.  Another crew of volunteers hit the south side garden area to move mulch, aerate, weed, and tend to the gardens.  Yet another crew weeded the mulch under the tree by the bathhouse.

In addition to the Benchmark crew, quite a few of our regulars helped out, including Richard Maness, Wayne Kewley, Steve Barnick, Pat Cramer, Mary Black and Karen Miller.  In addition, we had super help from our newest board members, Ricky Martinez (who helped with setup and work) and Crispin Richey (who arranged for pizza, drinks, and some interesting communion wafer snacks from Fiesta), as well as supervisory help from Crispin’s mom, Nancy.  And as always, Marc Cubik helped with setup and organized the volunteer assignments, and Mike Cannatti brought the t-shirts.

Everyone’s help was most welcome, and we truly appreciate our volunteers.  It’s always fun to have the Benchmark men and women join us, and everyone left with pizza-breath and a new Friends of Barton Springs Pool t-shirt.