Final Fundraising Effort to Complete “Living Springs”

16 Sep 2013 by admin, Comments Off on Final Fundraising Effort to Complete “Living Springs”

As many of you know, Karen Kocher is producing Living Springs, a documentary about the history, science, culture and spiritual practices at Barton Springs, the crown natural jewel of Austin.  With the turquoise water and cool breezes embodying many important values for Austin, so the Living Springs project will be used to reach out to our community and keep the Springs in people’s minds.

Previous fundraising proceeds have been used to created six new videos to the interactive documentary and three screenings at the Springs, including an August screening for 242 people.  She is now trying to complete the project so that it can be installed at SPLASH! In order to facilitate this, the project is having an on-line fundraiser. I hope that all of you will be able to contribute this time around. No amount is too small. You can either do it on-line at or send a check to the address listed on the web site. The goal is $12,500 by September 30th. Karen says, that she never thought she would sound like they do on KUT during pledge drive, but as John Aielli says, “If you don’t give, who will?” The site for giving is or you can go to their website and click on the Donate button. Thanks to those of you who donated last July!

Also, there will be a Full Moon screening on Thursday, September 19th at Barton Springs (north entrance) at 8pm.  Please come and then go for a free, late night dip.  The screening will feature new videos from the Living Springs project, so come see a preview!

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