July President’s Report

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Download and read the full report here. The following is an article you will find in the report.

What it means to restore the Pool to its rightful glory
The goal of the Friends is to restore the pool to its rightful glory.  This goal has frequently been misunderstood.  What does it mean?

Some see the word ‘restore’ and think of restoring the pool to its former glory.  But we can’t turn back the clock.  Once the pool was cleaner, and the staff used chemicals to clean it.  We can’t do that now.  Once the aquifer was not developed.  Now it is.  Once the bathhouse was new, gracious, and spacious.  Now it’s old, rundown, and crammed full.

To restore the pool to its former glory is a forlorn hope, because it is a dynamic system and a living thing, always moving forward.

But to restore the pool to its rightful glory is a rallying cry with vision. Restoration honors the tradition and history.  And rightful glory envisions that noble state in which the pool is the grandest embodiment of itself that it has the right to be, when nature, history, recreation, and civic space are in  superb balance.  This is our goal.

-Robin Cravey

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