Please Attend Environmental Board Meeting TONIGHT!

Tonight, Wednesday, February 20, is very important in the progress of the General Grounds Improvements to the Pool.  The Environmental Board will give final consideration to the plans, and make a recommendation to City Council.

Please email the members of the Environmental Board TODAY and ask them to recommend the Grounds Improvements for approval. Their emails are listed below.

Equally important: please attend the meeting tonight and sign your name in support of the plan. You don’t have to sign up to speak but please do!

The meeting will take place:

  • 6:00 pm in City Council Chambers
  • City Hall, 301 W. 2nd Street
  • Free parking in City garage on Lavaca

The Board will allow public testimony, and will vote on the plan tonight.  A summary of the proposed improvements can be found here (pdf): Grounds Improvement Project Memo.

FBSP supports the passage of the full plan, but the plan is not all or nothing!

In the interest of letting the much-needed improvements go forward (irrigation and cleaning measures, safe and shady ADA path down to the pool, etc.), we would urge the Environmental Board to recommend that the plan proceed if necessary without the most controversial projects: paving of the South parking lot, and the path to the historical marker.

So whether you only email the Board, or attend the meeting as well, please ask the Board members to:

  • Recommend approval of the Grounds Improvements to City Council, OR
  • Recommend approval of the plans minus the most objected-to projects.

Thanks for your support!