February/March Treasurer’s Report

4 Apr 2011 by admin, Comments Off on February/March Treasurer’s Report
FBSP Beginning Balance: $4,195.76
Capital Fund (see note below): $300,000.00*
Balance: $4,195.76
Membership/Donations: $90.00
Sub-total new income: $90.00
Total Income: $4,285.76
No expenses recorded for January/February
Total Expenses: ($00.00)
Capital Fund (see note below) $300.000.00*
FBSP Balance: $4,285.76

*$300,000 for Bypass Tunnel Project: In 2010, the Austin Parks Foundation applied for a SEP (Supplemental Environmental Program) grant on behalf of the Friends of Barton Springs Pool through the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). As a named entity to the Hamilton Pool Road Settlement, the Foundation received a check for $300,000 to be specifically used for a portion of work for Bypass Tunnel Repair Project at Barton Springs Pool. This project is currently in the latter stages of detailed design and is expected to go to construction later this year (2011). Again, this sum is for the bypass tunnel project and is not part of the Friends’ regular fundraising efforts.

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