Thanks 2010 Volunteers, See You in Spring 2011!

Volunteers shovel sand upstream of the pool after the Hermine flood

Ladies, gentleman, friends one and all,  I would like to extend gratitude deep as the waters beneath the diving board and gushing as the springs in the wettest of years to everyone who gave their time to help keep the gem of our city sparkling.  What better barometer for the condition of our environment in a changing world than the sacred waters of Barton Springs?  As volunteers at the pool we take stewardship of this uncommon urban paradise.  And with our attention to these waters, guide and protect the quality of our resources and lives through the changes of a new millennium.

So, invisible badges of Environmental Archangels all around for the volunteers of 2010, you’ve been deputized!  Regular cleanings and special events, from First Thursdays to Emergency Responses, we have a growing network of incredible individuals and groups who care deeply about a wonderful natural resource.  We logged hundreds of volunteer hours over the course of 2010, pushbrooming the shallow end, scrubbing walls, clearing the nature trail, maintaining the grounds, beautifying the bathrooms.   And we had so much fun doing it, we forgot that most people call that work!

Certainly, our snacks were always delicious and satisfying (Mmm, delicious pizza too, thanks Emma Cravey, former Fun Chair!), and it’s great to get in the water when the pool is closed on a hot summer day.  However, looking back over all the moments and memories of the past year with volunteers, the camraderie and relationships that spontaneously coalesced from a group of people gathering at the springs with a common purpose, this is what continuously surprised me and stands out as the best part of volunteering with the Friends of Barton Springs.

We are looking forward to lots of great opportunities to participate at the pool in 2011 as things are getting off to a big start with the debris removal in just a couple of weeks.  We will have some weekend opportunities to volunteer down at the pool during this closure period.  And then Spring Cleaning is right around the corner, with several opportunities to get the spring fresh sparkle on.  And of course, first Thursdays, pizza and pushbrooms, it doesn’t get much better than that!  I can’t wait to see all the familiar faces and new friends that 2011 will bring to the best poolside party in town!

Warmest Regards and Gratitude,

Jonathan Beall
Service Chair, Friends of Barton Springs Pool