Get to know board member Tom Weber, Advocacy

Tom Weber, Advocacy

How long have you been in Austin?
We got to Austin in two steps, my wife Ines and I moving to Tyler TX in 1984 from the Chicago area, then we  moved on to South Austin in 1991.

Why did you join the Friends of Barton Springs Pool?
I have been coming to Barton Springs and Barton Creek for decades. Our whole family includes regular swimmers. I decided to do my part to help get the Master Plan projects designed and implemented. I hope we make a difference in improving the experience at this incredible natural resource.

What do you do during the day?
I have spent over 30 years in water quality protection and the control of environmental pollution. Currently, I am employed by Travis County and work downtown.

What does Barton Springs Pool mean to you?
It is a place of so many memories with family and friends. I love swimming laps in my own awkward but persistent way, not worrying about how much time it takes.

Favorite local band or artist?
I’d say long term favorites must include Alejandro Escovedo and James McMurtry and Townes Van Zandt. I also follow other local artists too numerous to list.


Ines and I live have been married forever and live in 78745. Luke spent all his childhood in Austin schools, graduated from Davy Crockett HS, distinguished himself in the US Marine Corps, and now attends college at ACC. We have family all over the country.

Favorite moment volunteering for FBSP?
I really enjoyed our fledgling 1st Annual Treeathalon. We raised a bunch of money for the trees and had great sponsors. I look forward to doing it again.

Any hidden talents?
I have quite the green thumb but I should give a lot of credit to the rich alluvial soil and moist subtropical climate at home here next to Williamson Creek.

Describe your first experience at Barton Springs Pool…

A warm April evening in 1985, on a business trip from out-of-town, I rode over on a bike along Town Lake and took a nice dip in the soothing waters.

How long have you been a member of FBSP?

Besides BSP, where is your favorite hangout in Austin?
When there is water, I like to spend  time swimming with the dog at Gus Fruh. I hike and bike regularly in Sunset Valley on their trails. I frequent many pub and grub joints.

Favorite author?
William Faulkner

Favorite quote?
Go west young man, go west! (Horace Greeley)

Collegiate days?
B.S. in Biology, Univ. Dayton; M.S. in Environmental Biology, Univ. Minnesota @ Duluth.

Beer of choice?
IPAs from our local brewers

Favorite philosopher?
I am inspired by the words of John Lennon and Bob Dylan (am I showing my age yet?). I totally believe in the intrinsic quality of the American experience sparked by the Enlightenment thinkers.

What is one goal you have for the Advocacy Committee to achieve in the next year?

After dealing with a lot of near crisis maintenance issues like tree care, gravel debris, and a faulty bypass culvert, I look forward to some of the neat stuff on tap like working hard to get the grounds improvements scoped and started.