Get to know board member Mary Yarrington, Secretary

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Mary Yarrington, Secretary

How long have you been in Austin?

Initially, 1984-1988, and then returning in 2008, total residency going on six years.

Why did you join the Friends of Barton Springs Pool?

To accept some civic responsibility helping out and to understand some of the necessities and challenges in caring for Barton Springs Pool.  I saw a poster at the pool advertising for volunteers and I had nothing better to do that Thursday.

What do you do during the day?

I am working, saving to travel, and getting outside as much as possible, any small act of gardening seems to help my day when I get it in.

What does Barton Springs Pool mean to you?

Barton Springs Pool is a wildly alive environment, a historical gathering place, part of a prolific aquifer system.  Visiting the pool brings out the good in all people, whether it’s a first time or over many times, it becomes an auspicious event, never dull.

Favorite local band or artist?

All local music is good.


Extended and numerous.  I am married to Don.

Favorite moment volunteering for FBSP?

Throughout the volunteer day, being a part of and seeing the results happen.

Describe your first experience at Barton Springs Pool…

December ’84, a friend from Switzerland and myself, new in town, decided to try winter swimming.  We had heard water at BSP was warm enough even with cool air and the trees bare.  It was sunny and I still remember a winter smell in the ground, water, and trees, and a feeling of cold pavement on my feet.   What an amazing experience amidst winter in Austin-town.

How long have you been a member of FBSP?

Since Spring of 2009.

Besides BSP, where is your favorite hangout in Austin?

All my favorite haunts are outdoors.

Favorite quote?

“We cannot solve our problems using the same thinking we used when we created them.”    – Albert Einstein

“No one has ever become poor by giving.”  – Anne Frank

Collegiate days?

I received my B.S. from the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire, Geology.

Beer of choice?

Guinness Stout.

Favorite philosopher?

I am drawn to philosophies of kindness and environmental integrity.  To keeping it light, the philosophy of  Sandy Cheeks, friend of Spongebob Squarepants.

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