One Last(?) Pitch for the Living Springs Kickstarter Campaign (

If we may make what, in all likelihood, could very well be our last pitch for the Living Springs Kickstarter Campaign, you should know that the campaign is close, but not quite across the finish line.  The Kickstarter campaign deadline is Tuesday, August 16th at 11:00 a.m., so it’s now or nothing!

If you haven’t already (and thank you if you  have), you can make a donation here ( before midnight tonight (August 11) and there will be a $500 matching grant in play.

More details about the upcoming video project are posted here, but you already know this is a worthy cause.  So pitch in, enjoy a well-deserved sense of satisfaction for helping with a great cause, and then come down to the Full Moon Swim on Thursday, August 18 for a celebration screening of Spirit Waters, “More a State than a Place,” Plants of Barton Springs, and Waterworks.  (As a reminder, the pool is now charging on the full moon nights, so while the screening is free, the swim is not.  Swim early, get your hand stamped and then swim after, either way it will be a fun a relaxing evening.)

Thanks for considering this shameless pitch for a worthy project!

Living Springs Kickstarter Challenge

Friends, swimmers, pool fanatics:

For those who have not yet donated to the Living Springs Kickstarter campaign ( and who need any incentive to support this wonderful work, please watch her delightful “Cleaning Day” video which provides a behind-the-scenes look at the volunteer work of Friends of Barton Springs Pool and others who work to keep the Springs clean and safe for swimmers and salamanders alike.