Austin Beer Garden Brewing “Hell Yes” Project: “The Biggest Pool Jump Ever”!

The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co. (The ABGB) and Friends of Barton Springs Pool (FBSP) will team up on Labor Day (Sept. 7, 10:30 AM) for “The Biggest Pool Jump Ever!”  ABGB will cover your admission along with 499 of your old or new or best-est friends, so please join us and ABGB to make the biggest group Barton Springs pool jump ever. Come hold hands with someone you love, or somebody new, and be a part of making Austin history.
The Pool Jump Event is ABGB’s latest “Hell Yes” project to support Friends of Barton Springs Pool and its volunteer’s work to help preserve one of our city’s greatest treasures. To celebrate and shine a light of goodness on Friends of Barton Springs Pool, ABGB will  pay the admission of 500 of our friends to jump into Barton Springs Pool in unison and say “Hell Yes” to supporting the FBSP. So, see you there.
Event Details: Labor Day, Monday, September 7
9:30 AM – Meet at the South Entrance at the table and tent hosted by Friends of Barton Springs Pool. Up to 500 participants will receive wristbands good for pool admission and pool jump participation on a first-come basis.
10:30 AM- All wristbanded Jumper participants will enter the South side entrance, and with guidance from pool staff, will walk down to the pool deck, line up, and get ready to jump under instruction from pool lifeguards.
10:45 AM- Jumpers will say “Hell Yes!” and take the plunge into the beautiful 68 degree water!
Friends of Barton Springs Pool will also be hosting a raffle with amazing prizes from local businesses. They’ll be ready to extend invitations and signups to everyone to join them in their first Thursday of the month pool clean ups (and hey, the next one is September 3!). Then, everybody is invited to join us at the ABGB later that afternoon for our 2nd Anniversary Party beginning at noon. Every Jumper’s wristband can be redeemed for a “Special Prize” at the party.  Hell Yes!
THE HELL YES PROJECTS The idea behind the Hell Yes Projects is to prove out our philosophy that beer has the power to make everything better. Sharing times with friends. A fresh, hot slice of pizza. Seeing a great band. And, of course, after a nice dip in the pool and some time on the hill, getting something cold to drink at The ABGB. Hell yes, beer makes all of these things better. But we also believe that beer has the power to make our entire community better. Let’s harness beer’s innate goodness and put it into action improving our neighborhood and city and enriching the lives of lots of folks. So Hell Yes to Barton Springs Pool. And Hell Yes to all the organizations and people who work to preserve one of the best things about our city. And pretty much, planet Earth, too. #hellyes #beermakesitbetter #swimsafestaysober
– See more at: hellyespooljump #hellyes #beermakesitbetter #swimsafestaysober
ABOUT THE FRIENDS OF BARTON SPRINGS POOL The Friends of Barton Springs Pool creates a community of people dedicated to restoring, improving and maintaining the pool and surrounding grounds through organizing, advocacy, volunteer work, education and fun.

Summer Springs Pool Cleaning — Thursday, September 3, 2015

As we leave the Dog Days of Summer and close out the last days of the (astronomical) summer (in the Northern Hemisphere), Barton Springs still needs your help to clean the Springs, so help us tidy our beautiful pool and surrounding grounds. You can volunteer by signing up for a 2 hour shift, starting at 10 am or 12:00 pm. Bring some friends. Food and refreshments will be supplied. A big thanks to our partner on this cleaning, Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.! For those that sign up for a 10:00 – 12:00 pm shift, head over to ABGB for a slice of pizza!

You can sign up for the cleaning on VolunteerSpot, by following these easy steps:

1. Click this link, or the button below, to go to our invitation page on VolunteerSpot:
Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot
2. Enter your email address:(You will NOT need to register an account on VolunteerSpot)

3. Sign up! Choose your spots – VolunteerSpot will send you an automated confirmation and reminders.

You can also sign up or direct your questions to

Pool cleanings take place in two-hour increments from 10-12 and 12-2. We need three to ten volunteers for each shift along with experienced volunteers to serve as shift leaders.

At the seasonal monthly pool cleanings, FBSP volunteers scrub rocks, vacuum the pool bottom, clean algae off steps and railings, skim algae off the pool surface, plant flowers and help maintain the pool grounds, paint benches and trim, and generally lend a hand to make the pool and grounds as clean and beautiful as possible.

So come roll up your sleeves, bring a friend, have a snack and enjoy the company of other Barton Springs enthusiasts. We look look forward to seeing you there!

Private Pool Party at Barton Springs — AND YOU’RE INVITED!!!!

PushBroomCleaningYou’re invited to a Private Pool Party at Barton Springs Pool this coming Thursday, August 6 from 10-2!  Normally, the pool is closed to the public at this time, but we’ve arranged a special event for all our friends to join us for our “Clean The Pool” theme party.

Sign up for a shift by clicking this link ( to our VolunteerSpot signup page, and then join us at the Gala Scrubbing Event where you help Clean the Springs while the great, unwashed masses look forlornly from outside the fence, wishing they could be one of the Cool Kids invited inside to help with the pool cleaning.

Party favors include privileged access to Barton Springs, enjoyment of the cool spring waters during pushbroom cleaning of the pool bottom, a nice mid-day tan, and a sense of accomplishment in doing something nice for Barton Springs.  Plus plenty of pizza for our registered volunteers.

Hope to see you on Thursday!!!!


DSCN1079DSCN1076Cleaning pic for Picnic invite 2012