Season’s Greetings

In the Spirit of the Holidays (in any flavor you wish to celebrate), Friends of Barton Springs would like to memorialize the completion the final purchases under a generous park grant from Austin Parks Foundation for the pool cleaning tools to the tune of the 1909 arrangement of the traditional folk melody by English composer Frederic Austin:

On the twelve days of Christmas
My True Love Sent To Me:

  • 12 Green Scouring Pads
  • Eleven Pool Skimming Nets
  • Ten Digging Shovels
  • Nine Spading Forks
  • Eight Pool Scrapers
  • Seven Push Brooms
  • Six Garden Hoses
  • Five Warm Wetsuits!
  • Four Kinds of Rakes
  • Three Big Wheelbarrows
  • Two Extension Cords
  • and a Large Snow Shovel!

While the actual quantities of items purchased were changed in a few places to fit within the numerical traditions of the song, there really was a large snow shovel requested by staff!  In any event, we are delighted to report that these items were purchased with the $2,500 grant from Austin Parks Foundation to purchase pool cleaning equipment, including wetsuits to keep the guards warm when cleaning the pool, plus lots and lots of cleaning and gardening equipment (shovels, rakes, scouring pads, hoses, wheelbarrows, brushes, etc.) to help with the volunteer pool cleaning events at Barton Springs Pool throughout the year to assist pool staff with cleaning the Pool and managing the grounds, thereby restoring habitat, removing invasive algae and weeds, and making physical improvements and repairs to Barton Springs Pool and grounds.