President’s Report

Thanks for the Memories

by Robin Cravey

Robin joins the broom line

Recently, I resigned as president of Friends of Barton Springs Pool.  This marks a turning point for me, and for FBSP.  The work goes on.

I launched FBSP almost six years ago to rescue the pool from neglect.  Devoting all my spare time and a good part of my work week to the pool was not in my personal plans, but I saw the need and I answered.  While sometimes frustrating, the work was tremendously enjoyable.  I made a lot of friends, learned a lot about the pool, got in the water a lot, and met with interesting people in some of the finest beer joints in town.

I took a sabbatical from FBSP in 2008 to run for office.  That was even more intense.  Steve Barnick served as president during that period, and he is now my ideal for what an ex-president of FBSP should be.

My personal pattern, through the years, has been to move from thought to action, thought to action.  The past six years have given me a pretty strong dose of action, and I’m more than ready for some contemplation.  Besides, my family is more than ready for me to give them some of the attention they deserve.

A friend once asked me how long I would stay as president, and I said: until FBSP is strong enough that I can set it free.  It’s time.  The Friends is well-established.

Our board is filled with strong and effective leaders who know how to get things done.  We have built up a strong tradition of stewardship and voluntarism.  We’ve developed a profound understanding of the springs and the pool.  I look forward to watching the board take the organization to the next level.

The Master Plan projects continue their slow progress, and while many may give their input, the Friends bring a consistency, preparedness, and positive can-do attitude that keeps things moving.   When some can see only problems, the Friends keep our calm and our eye on the goal.  We have a vision bright and clear.

The birth of FBSP in 2006

The work is important.  Those who came before us harnessed this wonder of nature for our enjoyment.  Yet it is a dynamic place.  Nature is powerful, and our puny man-made structures require constant maintenance.  Moreover, the facilities surrounding this place ought to be of a beauty to complement the natural inspiration.

It’s up to us to carry on the work.  Each of us can do our part.  Our part is not just to enjoy this wonderful place.  We can’t simply be heirs of the past.  We must also be benefactors of the future.

For most of the past six years, I’ve done my part as well as I could.  Now, I’m stepping aside.  Other members of the board are stepping up, and others are moving up to the board.  I’m proud to see that.  We always need new energy.  To those of you who hear the call, please answer.
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2nd Annual Fall Social Coming Up Soon!

Board Member Maria Weber, former board members Chas Larios and Steve Barnick, and supporter Gerardo Larios enjoy the 2010 Fall Social

Swimmers – mark your calendars!  The Second Annual FBSP Fall Social will take place on Thursday, November 3rd at Torchy’s Taco Trailer on S. 1st Street!  Last year was the first year of this fun event where we celebrate YOU, our hardworking volunteers, and all the hours and blood, sweat and tears you’ve donated over the past year to make Barton Springs Pool the best it can be.  The party last year was a smashing success, and we want this year’s to be even better!

The event will take place from 6-9 pm, and will include all manner of fun activities, such as:

  • Social hour with fellow volunteers and lovers of the pool,
  • Appetizers and soft drinks donated by sponsor Torchy’s Tacos,
  • Free libations from Austin Beerworks,
  • Presentation by the FBSP President,
  • Awards for outstanding volunteers, and
  • a Barton Springs Pool trivia pub quiz, with awards!

So please come on out, bring the family, and let us THANK YOU for all you’ve done!  We hope to see you there!