Thank You to Our 2010 Sponsors!

We accomplished a lot this year, and we could not have done it without some fabulous local businesses and individuals who helped along the way. With donations ranging from funds to food and drink, these sponsors provide the fuel on which this volunteer organization runs!

Treeathlon: 1379 Family Sports Shop, Barley & Pfeiffer Architects, Barton Springs Nursery, Lori McClure and Joe Martin Battle, Bicycle Sport Shop, Caffe Medici, Hamilton & Terrile, LLP, High Five Events, Highball, Karen and Philip Ingram, Jack & Adam’s Bicycles, Karmadillo, Live Oak Brewing Company, Perry Lorenz, Maine Root, Sara and John Marler, Maudie’s Tex Mex, Save Barton Creek Association, Shady Grove, Silicon Labs, St. Arnold, TacoDeli, Texas Rowing Center, Vinson & Elkins LLP, Yum Yum Frozen Yogurt

Member Picnic By The Pool: P. Terry’s, Uncle Billy’s Brew and Cue

Council Cleans the Pool Day: Alamo Drafthouse, Clif Bar, Maudie’s Tex Mex, Texas Coffee Traders

Fall Social: Artz Rib House, Once Over Coffee Bar

The First Fall Social: Celebrating the Year with Fun and Friends

Maria Weber, Chasity Keen Larios, Steve Barnick and Gerardo Larios enjoy the Fall Social

On Friday, November 5th the Friends of Barton Springs Pool hosted a Fall Social to celebrate our achievements in 2010 and show appreciation to all the volunteers who help to keep Barton Springs the beautiful place that it is. Artz Rib House hosted the event and provided the Friends with food and beverages. El Presidente, Robin Cravey, gave a brief speech summarizing for our members the year’s accomplishments of the Friends of Barton Springs Pool, and also provided some recognition, in the form of swim cards, to four of our most stellar volunteers from the past year. We also had gift certificates donated by Once Over Coffee Bar that were given away as door prizes. The rest of the time was spent enjoying the food, drink, and company of our fellow Friends.

A big THANK YOU goes out to all who helped to host this event, especially Artz Rib House and Once Over Coffee Bar. An even bigger THANK YOU goes out to all our members whose efforts and support help to make Barton Springs the treasure that it is. It was great to see all of you who came out; see you at the Spring Cleaning!

General Grounds Project Moves Forward

On November 15th, the Joint Subcommittee of the Austin Environmental and Parks boards heard a presentation from architectural consultant Brian Larson of the Larson, Burns, and Smith firm on a 30% design for Barton Springs Pool grounds improvements. The board unanimously approved of the conceptual plan and the planning now moves to development of the 60% design plans. The board weighed in to clearly direct staff that it wanted an all access trail to go up from the diving board area to south gate. The board also approved designing the trail to a new south gate which would connect to the paved parking near the picnic grove.

The 30% design plans came after PARD held several design charrettes to inclusively get citizen input. That effort appears to have paid off well because many design details bear the stamp of input. The plans will avoid disturbance or modification of the popular south hillside area, other than planting drought resistant turf. The south trail will avoid the critical root zones of the trees and a deck is planned to protect the majestic trees near the main (north) gate. Aesthetically pleasing lighting, fencing, and fixtures are planned. There will be more bicycle racks at both gates. Lighting is planned to help on dark walkways, to improve perimeter security, and to remain dim and unobtrusive over the pool. The area of pool and grounds will increase because the fences will be moved out to take in more of the pecan tree grove and woods on the south side.

These plans and several other enhancements in the General Grounds Improvement Project will go a long way towards restoring the deteriorated and neglected grounds around Barton Springs. The project cost estimate of $2.5 million is currently budgeted in the City Council-approved Short Term Master Plan for Barton Springs Pool.

Treasurer’s Report November 2010

Friends of Barton Springs Pool Treasurer’s Report

(November 2010)

FBSP Beginning Balance: $302,651.42
APF (Oyster Event Volunteering): $250.00
Membership Donations: $24.15
Sub-total new income: $274.15
Total Income: $302,925.57
Verve Hosting (web service): (M.Weber) $108.00
Total Expenses: ($108.00)
FBSP Balance: $302,817.57