April President’s Report

By Robin Cravey

Our Earth Day cleaning party was a huge success, drawing out over eighty regular volunteers.  The entire staff of the Hill Country Conservancy came out to work a shift.  In addition, several dozen junior high kids from the deaf school came out and worked two shifts.

We began the day with live television broadcasts with Nic of Fox7News.  Then, producers from News8 and KVUE to cover the presentation of a check for $8,000 from Save Barton Creek Association to Pool Manager Wayne Simmons for the purchase of cleaning equipment.

Volunteers Cleaning Barton Springs Pool on Earth Day
Volunteers Cleaning Barton Springs Pool on Earth Day

The students from the Texas School for the Deaf mulched flowerbeds both inside the fence next to the bathhouse and outside in the parking lot.  They mulched  tree roots of existing trees and some new trees provided by Austin Parks Foundation.

Our bumper crop of regular volunteers filled every two-hour shift from 10 am to 6 pm.  We had crews clearing invasive species behind the diving board, weeding the flowerbed in the women’s dressing room, skimming algae, and scrubbing handrails.  Most important, we had a full broom line of a half dozen volunteers scrubbing the bottom of the shallow end all day.  We were able to  scrub the entire shallow end twice.

At the end of the day, the Pool was the cleanest it has been since at least spring cleaning.  Congratulations to Jonathan Beall, who led the effort; to Emma Cravey, who secured the comestibles; and to Chasity Keen Larios, who got the word out.  Thanks to our shift leaders, Jonathan, Emma, Mary Yarrington, and me. Continue reading “April President’s Report”

Clean Barton Springs on Earth Day!

Click here to see the email from our Service Chairman, Jonathan Beall.

Your Mother (earth) would tell you to do it.  Thursday, April 22nd

What better way to spend Earth Day than grooming, pruning and scrubbing your favorite wet spot on Planet Earth?  In conjunction with events hosted by the Hill Country Conservancy for Earth Week, Friends of Barton Springs are hosting a pool cleaning jamboree and we need for you to join in the fun.

We need to fill up our 10, 12 and 4 time slots.  We have ground maintenance with some of the staff from the Botanical Gardens.  We have push brooming for those of you ready to get your Zen on.  We have fun for those looking to swim and skim for scum.

Long sleeve shirts and pants for the grounds and wet clothes for the pool.

Please sign up for the event at http://earthday-barton-springs-pool-cleanup.eventbrite.com/

Please contact Jonathan Beall, service chair with any questions.service@friendsofbartonspringspool.org

Special Thanks To…

Special thanks to the following Treeathlon Event Committee members for all of their volunteer work in getting the Treeathlon organized:

Ann Phipps – volunteer coordinator
Ashley Cannatti – marketing, communication, and publicity
Frederika Tausch – pinch hitter and go-getter extraordinaire
Gary Beyer – finish line party
John Marler – sponsorship and fund raising
Mike Cannatti – race director
Sara Marler – sponsorship and fund raising
Tom Rafferty – finish line party, food, music, etc.

City Staff has also been very helpful with approving the Treeathlon plan, including Sara Hensley, Jason Maurer, Tom Nelson, Sonia Freeman, Jodi Jay, Ray Nevarez, and Farhad Madani.

We’ve also received tons of organizational help from Dan Carroll with High Five Events (http://www.highfiveevents.com/) which we appreciate beyond words. Michelle Graham with Bounce Events has also been very helpful with guidance in our promotional efforts.

Also, special thanks to Jon “Papa” Grant for his wonderful work in preparing the Treeathlon logo showing the salamanders in their action triathlete poses. Way cute!

We also appreciate Will van Overbeek for permitting us to use the “Diver” photo in our publicity materials. This is the classic Barton Springs Pool image.

Thanks so much!

Treeathlon Benefits

All Treeathlon participants will receive the following benefits:

  • Swimming at Barton Springs Pool!
  • An early morning bike and run around Zilker Park.
  • Help raise money for a pool-related project, such as restoring the original rotunda entrance to the Bathhouse, planting and maintaining trees at the pool area, and other pool-related work of Friends of Barton Springs Pool.
  • Official BSP Treeathlon t-shirt and other event “swag.”
  • Hear the percussion sounds of Rhythmic Force.
  • Enjoy cool brews and other food and refreshments from local business supporters of Barton Springs Pool.
  • Free parking and pool access, courtesy of Austin City Council.
  • Free membership with Friends of Barton Springs Pool.

Treeathletes — What You Need to Know

Location and Time

Barton Springs Pool TreeAthlon
Zilker Park (Barton Springs Pool and Polo Field area)
2201 Barton Springs Road
Saturday, April 10, 2010


8:00-9:15 a.m. – Late registration, Packet pickup, and Parking for participants, all at Polo Field parking area (see map).

8:00-9:30 a.m. – Bike check and body marking at T1

9:30 a.m. – Close Transition Areas and Parking Area.

9:30 a.m. – Pre-Event Meeting at Barton Springs Pool side entrance (outside T1).

9:45 a.m. – Enter pool through side entrance and proceed to swim start area on the south side of Barton Springs Pool, next to the diving board. Line up by race number.

10:00 a.m. – Rolling start begins.


Arrive early and allow plenty of time to park at Polo Field parking area (see map). Bring TreeAthlon Parking Pass (attached) for free park access until 10 am. Follow “TreeAthlon Parking” signs and directions given by volunteer traffic flaggers. Free parking is provided for duration of TreeAthlon event.

T1 and T2 Bike Transition Areas

This event involves two transition areas.

  • T1 is south of the Barton Springs Bath House.
  • T2 is next to the Polo Fields, run course and finish line party.
  • Bike racks and security will be provided at both T1 and T2.
  • To set up your race, take your bike, helmet, shoes and (as needed) sunglasses and hat to T1. Rack your bike and note the location. Kid bikes may be set on the grass aside from the racks.
  • Because this event involves two transition areas but the bike course is short, we recommend participants wear running shoes for both the bike and run; and for convenience later, you may wish to carry your swim cap and goggles with you on the bike.
  • If you plan to wear bike shoes, you may leave running gear in T2.
  • Swimmers will enter the water on the south side of the pool, and swim diagonally across to the north side exit ramp, approximately 300 feet.
  • A rolling start will be used. A swimmer will enter the pool every 3-5 seconds. Pass on the left, and remember, this is not a race. A sequential start reduces the impact on the pool and keeps the course safer for swimmers and cyclists.
  • Children can start with an accompanying adult. Please listen for further instructions on the morning of the event.
  • Swim caps will not be provided or required; bring your own if you want one.
  • Cyclists will start in the parking lot in front of Barton Springs Pool, and ride along Columbus Road and Andrew Zilker Road for approximately two-thirds of a mile to the second transition area (T2) by the Polo Fields.
  • Make sure your bicycle is functioning properly, with well-inflated tires before you start.
  • Approved bicycle helmets must be on your head and buckled before you mount your bike.
  • Bikes must have covered handle-bar ends, preferably with bar-end inserts or covers.
  • The bike route begins in the Pool parking lot and will have pylons to separate any automobile traffic. Please stay to the left of the pylons. Once out of the parking lot, cyclists proceed along Columbus Road and Andrew Zilker Road, which will be closed to automobile traffic. Please be sure to follow the instructions of the volunteer flaggers.
  • The bike route begins with a climb up a fairly long hill, so be sure to start out in a climbing gear. If stopping is required, please be aware of other cyclists when you stop or start up again.
  • Upon completing the bike course, participants will store their bikes in the second transition area (T2) by the Polo Field, and then proceed around the Polo Field in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Runners may select a quarter-mile course or half-mile course. A volunteer flagger on the course will let you know where to turn off for the shorter course if you wish.
  • Given the short course distance, there are no rest stops. However, please stop as frequently as necessary. If stopping, please move to the right and stay out of the road and driveways to allow other participants to pass on the left.
  • The finish line area will have fruit, donuts, water, and other refreshments. Please prepare if anything else is needed.
  • Toilet facilities at the Bathhouse and Polo Field area will be available for your use.
  • The TreeAthlon course is staffed by volunteers. Please be courteous and let them know their time is appreciated.
  • Trash cans will be available at the start and finish for trash, including spent bicycle tubes, food wrappers, etc. If you can’t find one, please pack out anything you pack in.

Swim Course with Rolling Start

Bikes and Safety Equipment

Run Course

Rest Stops and Refreshments

It’s for the Barton Springs Trees…

Please remember that you are participating to raise funds and fun for the Barton Springs Trees, and observe the following:

  • The swim portion is in Barton Springs Pool, which will also be open to other swimmers. Please be courteous and quiet when proceeding to the start area on the south side of the pool.
  • Please be considerate of other participants, whether in the pool, transition areas, bike route or running course. Pass on the left if possible, and advise beforehand.

Funding for Barton Springs Trees

At the conclusion of the event, all Treeathlon sponsorship and registration proceeds above event costs will be transferred to the Austin Parks Foundation’s Barton Springs Tree Fund for tree care (including treating existing heritage trees) and planting new trees in and around the Barton Springs Pool.

Partnering with Parks and Recreation Department to fund the planting of new trees, the Austin Parks Foundation has created the “Barton Springs Tree Planting Plan” under which 73 trees will be planted. Additional details are shown in the tree planting map below and posted at http://austinparks.wordpress.com/2009/10/19/revised-barton-springs-tree-planting-plan/.


hThe Austin Parks Foundation has stepped forward to partner with the Parks and Recreation Department to assist with funding the tree planting. as created the “Barton Springs Tree Fund” through which APFA