December President’s Report

Robin Cravey, Amy Everhart, Council Member Randi Shade, State Rep. Donna Howard at Council Cleans the Pool
Robin Cravey, Amy Everhart, Council Member Randi Shade, State Rep. Donna Howard at Council Cleans the Pool

Looking back over a tumultuous year at Barton Springs Pool, we can take some pride in our accomplishments.  We also must acknowledge a few setbacks.  Thus heartened and chastened, we turn to the challenges of the future.

We began the year on a positive note, when the Austin City Council adopted the Barton Springs Pool Master Plan.  Begun in 2006, shepherded through an arduous public input process, endorsed  by the council in 2007 with $6.2 million in funding for some 21 short-term projects, the plan is now city policy.  It’s a good plan, attending to long delayed maintenance, providing for improved infrastructure, and laying out beautiful improvements to grounds and buildings. Continue reading “December President’s Report”

Calling all Stewards and Stewardesses for the Barton Springs Tree Planting Takeoff!

Planting a Tree
Help us plant trees at Barton Springs Pool

Email Jonathan Beall ( FBSP Service Chair, and we’ll make sure you were there when it all started…

The second decade of the 21st century will be getting off to a great start for the planet, the pool and people who love Barton Springs as the City of Austin plans to put in plenty of new trees to spruce up the springs beginning in January.  With funding from the  city and APF, Austin PARD is currently acquiring 80 trees averaging 45 gallons or larger to kick off the first wave of tree planting.  Those are some big young trees!  The Forestry department will need lots of help to make sure these trees find their new home comfortable enough to settle into for the next century or so.  So, we are looking for you who want to steward the trees, new and old (everybody needs TLC).  FBSP is looking for volunteers to spend one (or one half or one quarter) Saturday in January to put down the roots for several generations
of poolside pleasure!

-Jonathan Beall, FBSP Service Chair

New Board Members

FBSP has adopted new board members for 2010-2011.

Karl Detjen, Membership Chair
Jonathan Beall, Service Chair
Mary Yarrington, Secretary

A couple of board members have changed positions.

Mike Cannatti, Fundraising Chair (previously Secretary)
Clarke Hammond, Fun Chair (previously Fundraising Chair)

Great thanks and appreciation goes out to our exiting board members, Annie Walker and Pat Bobeck. Their dedication and hardwork has helped our organization and the Pool tremendously.

Board Member Profile: Karl Detjen, Membership

Karl Detjen and Wayne Simmons
Karl Detjen and Wayne Simmons

How long have you been in Austin?
49 years.  I moved here with my family in 1960, when I was 8 years old.  The Capitol building and the U.T. tower were the only “tall buildings”, and you could see them from just about anywhere around Austin.  Highway 183, going North from Burnet road, was pitch dark at night, because there was nothing there!

Why did you join the Friends of Barton Springs Pool?
I was snorkeling a lot there in 2007, and picking up all kinds of junk (beer cans, bottles, shoes) from the bottom; the frequent floods were washing trash from the Barton Creek Green Belt into the pool, and the pool staff couldn’t keep up with it all.  When I heard there was an organization that was “hands-on” about  helping the pool staff clean and maintain the pool, I was ready!
Continue reading “Board Member Profile: Karl Detjen, Membership”