President’s Report

Master Plan and General Grounds Improvements Update: Report on the Parks and Recreation Board and Environmental Board Joint Committee Meeting

by Gary Beyer

On Monday, February 6, the City of Austin provided a status update on the General Grounds Improvement Project, Barton Springs trees, and the Master Plan Short-Termed Projects. The General Grounds Improvement Project continues toward its start date of fall of this year. Great News! The number of trails has been reduced so that now the original trail from the south gate to the diving board has been eliminated. This will allow for the infilling of the gully and restoration of the critical root zone of the large pecan tree nearby. All direct traffic to the diving board beach will be through the area known as the South Woods, an area formerly located outside the fence. The trail through the South Woods will be ADA accessible. There will be another ADA trail from the south gate to the memorial area, but it has been changed from concrete to decayed granite. These improvements will reduce the impervious cover and will not detract from the natural, open aesthetic uncluttered with lots of manmade distractions.
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President’s Report

“2011, What a Year” or, to parody Dr. Strangelove “How I Learned to Stop Worrying about the Heat and Love the Algae”

by Gary Beyer

What was that, anyway?  I’m talking about this last summer, Summer 2011.  100 plus temperatures for weeks, no, make that months on end.  If it wasn’t for Barton Springs, I would have spent the entire summer inside the air conditioning watching Bonanza re-runs.  Thank God (or the Goddess, or the Dharma) for Barton Springs.  Apparently everyone else felt the same way.  The attendance at Barton Springs this summer doubled as nature lovers who wanted to get outside and didn’t want to die from heat exhaustion took refuge in the cool, refreshing waters.  And poor old Barton Springs welcomed our presence in record numbers, but not without wear and tear.  The record drought has devastated the trees and grass, and reduced the spring flow to a trickle, resulting in the lowest water quality in a long time.  Still, our intrepid volunteers have fought on, sweeping record volumes of algae.  Thanks to you, we logged in over 900 hours of volunteer service to help keep the pool clean and clearer that it would have been otherwise.  Hats off  (or Namaste!)
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President’s Report

Thanks for the Memories

by Robin Cravey

Robin joins the broom line

Recently, I resigned as president of Friends of Barton Springs Pool.  This marks a turning point for me, and for FBSP.  The work goes on.

I launched FBSP almost six years ago to rescue the pool from neglect.  Devoting all my spare time and a good part of my work week to the pool was not in my personal plans, but I saw the need and I answered.  While sometimes frustrating, the work was tremendously enjoyable.  I made a lot of friends, learned a lot about the pool, got in the water a lot, and met with interesting people in some of the finest beer joints in town.

I took a sabbatical from FBSP in 2008 to run for office.  That was even more intense.  Steve Barnick served as president during that period, and he is now my ideal for what an ex-president of FBSP should be.

My personal pattern, through the years, has been to move from thought to action, thought to action.  The past six years have given me a pretty strong dose of action, and I’m more than ready for some contemplation.  Besides, my family is more than ready for me to give them some of the attention they deserve.

A friend once asked me how long I would stay as president, and I said: until FBSP is strong enough that I can set it free.  It’s time.  The Friends is well-established.

Our board is filled with strong and effective leaders who know how to get things done.  We have built up a strong tradition of stewardship and voluntarism.  We’ve developed a profound understanding of the springs and the pool.  I look forward to watching the board take the organization to the next level.

The Master Plan projects continue their slow progress, and while many may give their input, the Friends bring a consistency, preparedness, and positive can-do attitude that keeps things moving.   When some can see only problems, the Friends keep our calm and our eye on the goal.  We have a vision bright and clear.

The birth of FBSP in 2006

The work is important.  Those who came before us harnessed this wonder of nature for our enjoyment.  Yet it is a dynamic place.  Nature is powerful, and our puny man-made structures require constant maintenance.  Moreover, the facilities surrounding this place ought to be of a beauty to complement the natural inspiration.

It’s up to us to carry on the work.  Each of us can do our part.  Our part is not just to enjoy this wonderful place.  We can’t simply be heirs of the past.  We must also be benefactors of the future.

For most of the past six years, I’ve done my part as well as I could.  Now, I’m stepping aside.  Other members of the board are stepping up, and others are moving up to the board.  I’m proud to see that.  We always need new energy.  To those of you who hear the call, please answer.
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President’s Report

Council reaffirms Master Plan

by Robin Cravey

Master Plan session, 2007

The City Council reaffirmed it support of the Barton Springs Master Plan at their August 25th meeting.  The vote was unanimous.  And Mayor Lee Leffingwell made a strong statement that the short-term projects in the plan should move forward without further delay.  Right on!

I mean really, what is a plan for?  Some people think a plan is a substitute for actually working, a way to keep people talking until they run out of energy.  Some think it is a beautiful work of art that should be given a prominent place on a coffee table or a line in a resumé.  I don’t.  I think a plan is blueprint for action.

When the board members of Friends of Barton Springs Pool made the rounds of council offices in 2006, we wanted something done.  We were asking the council to end the long-shameful neglect of the pool, take care of the long-deferred maintenance, and perform the upgrades that the pool so clearly needed to meet the ever-increasing demand on facilities.

We had a list of projects that we considered important.  We came up with this list of projects by talking with a lot of swimmers and staffers.  We didn’t expect to get all of these projects done immediately, but we wanted some done in short order.
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President’s Report

Failure is Not an Option

by Robin Cravey

On Monday, July Fourth, I shot out of Austin headed for Cape Canaveral.  The countdown for the last launch of Atlantis had begun, targeted for Friday, July 8th.  On July 8th I went down to the shore.  The day dawned with low clouds and weather unfavorable, but NASA continued the countdown, and when the launch window opened the clouds parted, and the spacecraft lifted off.

At that moment I thought of the spirit of the great NASA flight control teams:  “Failure is not an option.”

Friends of Barton Springs Pool was begun in 2006 by a few swimmers who resolved to rescue the pool from neglect.  We did it not by filing a lawsuit or holding picket signs, but by picking up a broom and a net.  We’ve been cleaning the pool with a broom and a net, month in and month out, ever since.

With a lot of help, we wrote a master plan for pool improvements.  Most of the improvements were really about restoring and renovating the facilities that had been allowed to deteriorate.  Because a unique natural wonder like this should be surrounded by the most beautiful and best grounds and facilities.

For four years now, we’ve been shepherding the master plan to implementation.  It’s been slow going.  Some times, in long meetings, there is a temptation to say, this problem is too hard, let’s think about it later.  But we have to keep working.

This pool is a gift of the eons.  We’re just the stewards for a generation.  Failure is not an option.

Quick Dips

Now is the chance for some lucky swimmer to join the FBSP board.  Our treasurer has announced her intention to step down, which opens up a slot.  There may be some shifting around, so the opening could be treasurer or something else.  If you’re interested, email me,


Speaking of our treasurer, Maria Weber is the longest continually serving member of the  board.  She recently achieved a major goal for FBSP by winning recognition of our tax-exempt status by the Infernal Revenue Service.  Her patience and dedication has been a steady source of strength, and we’re going to miss her.


Next on the event horizon is our Fall Social, coming in November.  Mary Yarrington has already begun planning, so email her to lend a hand,


We’ve just wrapped up our annual round of visits to city council members, and I want to thank Mayor Lee Leffingwell, Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole, and Councilmembers Mike Martinez, Laura Morrison, Chris Riley, Bill Spelman, and Kathie Tovo for their attention and support.

President’s Report

Food, Fun and Friends at the Picnic by the Pool

It was a lazy day, perfect for flame-kissed hot dogs, watermelon, and beer.  It was a chance for us to get together with friendly swimmers at the rock garden picnic tables and talk about the pool.

Organizers Jesse Malone and Mary Yarrington showed up early to set up the hospitality tent and lay out the food.  Mary brought a huge supply of beef bratwurst and hot dogs donated by Sun Harvest.

Jennifer Malone and I showed up around 11:30 to make plans and head down to the pool to meet up with other swimmers for a cool dip.  We had the best duty.  I realized that I had not brought a banner or anything to announce the event to swimmers in the pool, so we might have missed some folks.
While we were in the pool, Jonathan Beall showed up with a gas grill, and Tom Weber arrived with fresh beer from North by Northwest.  Gary Beyer helped test the kegs.

Before the afternoon had even heated up, we had a good crowd of folks laughing and talking and eating and drinking.  Kids ran around playing and eating.  It was a great chance to visit with old friends and make new friends.

Of course, there had to be some speechifying.  Tom delivered a short update on the master plan pool improvement projects.
I presented an award to Penny Lucas, who is the dynamic student activity director for middle school students at Texas School for the Deaf.  Penny turns out her students for volunteer days at the Pool, and they do a fantastic job.

I also presented an award to Maria Ines Weber, our treasurer.   Maria is the longest continuously serving board member, having started in 2008!
Steve Barnick, Chasity Larios, and others told personal stories about the pool.

I can’t wait until next year.