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4 Sep

Sept. 6 Volunteer Pool Cleaning

This Thursday (Sept. 6) is our next volunteer cleaning opportunity at Barton Springs Pool. We’re excited and ready for a [&hellip

28 Jul

August 2, 2018 Pool Cleaning — Join Us!

Short and sweet: It’s time to repeat the special treat of our monthly meet and poolside greet. On August 2, [&hellip

20 May

Aquatic Planting at Barton Springs Pool – Third Time’s a Charm?

Friends, Friends of Barton Springs has been working with Brent Bellinger, Aaron Shad, Mark Eberle, and many other pool stakeholders [&hellip

10 Oct

Clarke Hammond memorial

Clarke Hammond passed away on Saturday, October 7, 2017 at 66 years of age.  Having served on the FBSP Board [&hellip

30 Sep

Oct. 1 <=> Friends Tent <=> Welcome all!!!

Please join Friends at our Hospitality Tent by the south side entrance on Sunday, October 1 (10am to 4pm).  It [&hellip

27 Jun

Patriotic Pool Cleaning — July 6, 2017 (9am – 3pm)!!!!

At this great place called Barton Springs Pool, deep water flows so clear and so cool, but to keep the [&hellip

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